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Best youtube proxy for youtube

Unblock YouTube with fastest and easiest proxy, which is the best for unblocking YouTube, Unblock with just single click, We all know that YouTube is blocked in many countries like Pakistan, but many people need it because they want it for some educational purposes, or for fun. You we and everyone can unblock YouTube by many ways.

Ways to unblock youtube

There are thousand of ways to unblock youtube but mostly they are very difficult for newbies, so here we are presenting simplest and easiest ways, which will help you to unblock youtube freely and simply, Some of the simple methods are discussed below:

By Web-Based Proxy

The web based proxies are good choice to unblock Youtube and many other unblocked sites, but some web based proxies have low speed and less working ability, but here we are sharing a wonderful site link, which will give you a boost of speed for opening Youtube, just click on below linked image to unblock.


By Using Softwares

Proxy software's provide good way to unblock the all blocked sites, so you don't need to go to web-based proxy again and again, but they have a little problem and that is of ads, they have so much ads that you become lazy, but this can be avoided by upgrading the software by paying the YPN fees.
                                                         The most Famous and used software for unblocking is Hotspot shield, This software can be used freely for life time but with ads, you can download it on below link.


Using on Mobile

Using blocked websites on mobiles is a good and a pretty way, because nearly all the blocked sites are active on mobiles, weather using WIFI or mobile internet, i also unblock the YouTube on mobile and watch videos live on mobile through WiFi, because on WiFi the youtube vedio stops on very few points and have continuity, so use wifi and enjoy unblocking.
                                              Remember i show these methods just for educational purposes, so use just only for educational purposes, otherwise country block the website, just for benefits of its people.
      If you gained some knowledge from me and from this blog, then don't forget to share it with your friends, happy enjoying and keep knowing.