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Youtube proxy - Best youtube proxy

Unblock YouTube and all other sites with our best YouTube proxy, this proxy can help you to unblock YouTube by every way, we are sharing here the way to unblock the YouTube, for your educational purposes as YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and some other countries, so now its not problem for you to unblock you-tube and its neighbor sites, because you have found us, but remember the use is only for fair purposes not for others, so get ready to unblock YouTube by methods we will show you :

By one click (Web based proxies)

Unblocking youtube by just a simple click on below YouTube image is easy and free way to unblock youtube for unlimited time, this is a good service provided to you by hiload.org , This is the fastest YouTube proxy which will help you to unblock YouTube simply, freely and easily, now you have access to all YouTube content, therefor don't worry about blocking because we are here. This method is of use of web based proxies, web based proxies are a get choice that they protect your computer from spam, and viruses, which software of proxy may cause, so for unblocking go down and click on YouTube icon image, you will be redirected to YouTube, after that your are using YouTube as a Netherlands user, so this is a Netherlands proxy, hope this will help you.


Unblock youtube using software

There are many software's to unblock YouTube and all other blocked sites by changing your identity, so after using software you are using website as a citizen of another country in which YouTube is unblocked, These software's are known as VPN, They are usually not free but you can obtain them free on ad mode, on internet the most common and used software's are :

  • Hotspot shield,
  • Spotflux

  • you can obtain both for free from internet, here we are providing you link so you can download them directly without any ease of problem or getting in trouble, to download hotspot click on Hotspot icon or if you want to download spot-flux then click on spot-flux, in my opinion the Spot-flux is good then hotspot because i heard that it have no ads and free for use.

    Download links :

    To download Hotspot shield, then click on hotspot icon or if you want spot-flux then go down and click on spot-flux.

    To download Spot-flux click on spot flux icon:


    Hope you have downloaded one of it, so enjoy using or going to see another method :

    Changing settings of your internet router

    Changing the settings of your web router can also help you to explore blocked site but this method is difficul, so i am not sharing here, because you will get in trouble, which is not pretty good and may be your internet make problem, so use other methods and enjoy unblocking the block site but just for educational purposes, hope this guide help you a lot about unblocking youtube, this is a good youtube proxy guide, which provides you about many proxies so you never remained block.
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    Stay ahead and be enjoyed with or YouTube proxy guide.