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Best proxy sites - Top proxy

The best proxy sites to open blocked websites, we show you the list of top proxy sites to unblock all the websites that are blocked in you locale, open YouTube, Facebook or any other blocked website with these highest speed proxy server, use them to unblock blocked websites or to surf anonymously, There is a list of top proxy sites which gives you complete access to blocked content, you can use them free for lifetime with unlimited bandwidth and complete security.

The Best Proxy sites

Following is the list of best proxy websites which gives you complete free access to all blocked sites, you can use these best proxy websites to unblock all the blocked sites and can also use them to hide your online identity.


A free and simple site to unblock all the site with fastest speed, simple and unique view with complete control to unblock blocked websites.


Specially design to unblock YouTube but can also be used to unblock other sites, small in size and have complete free access to all blocked sites.


Hiload is an other proxy site made on glype, helps you to unblock all the blocked sites without any restrictions, a free proxy server since 2008, you can use it free for lifetime to unblock all the blocked sites, provide ssl to secure your connection as well.


A complete free and paid proxy solution, a very old proxy site provide free access to all blocked sites plus paid VPN, SSL secured with complete control, you can use it unlimited for your office and for general work.


A simple and free proxy site to unblock all the blocked sites with fast and good speed, work since 2012, made on glype proxy script, also have good detailed notes to get informed about proxy server.


A group of free proxy network used by millions to unblock sites and to surf anonymously, free best proxy site to unblock blocked sites.


Anonymous proxy provide free and secured best proxy, which  make you anonymous over the internet, this is proxy available since 20o, so provides you a good experience of proxy server, it is free proxy and provide ad free browsing.


A free premium proxy site provide unlimited free access to all blocked content, its help you to hide your IP address, they have wide range of IP address, so choose one which best suits you and unblock the blocked sites.


A free site to unblock blocked sites, this is best proxy to unblock blocked content, v tunnel protects your online identity.


Another proxy like q22w.com helps you to unblock blocked sites and to hide your online identiy, provide free and unlimited access to all blocked content.


Another glype proxy to unblock blocked sites and to hide your online identity and privacy, they allow you to open blocked sites from school, college or university. Their Proxy is hosted on dedicated server and provides you safe and highly anonymous internet surfing online.


This proxy server is the powerful web-based proxy server that enables you to bypass filters and firewall restrictions and to surf anonymously, you can use it free for lifetime to unblock blocked sites, it is one of highly recommended web proxy server.

Properties of these sites

  • All are free to use.
  • Easy to explore and use.
  • High server response.
  • Fast server speed.
  • Free for lifetime.
  • Documentations for help.
  • Support and trusted sites.
  • Hide your online identity.
  • Keep secure your browsing.
  • Hide your IP address.
  • No one can track you.
  • Reliable for use.
  • Old and trusted.
  • Some are SSL secured.
  • Clean and neat view.
  • Small sized.
  • No popup ads.
  • Present on dedicated server.
  • Helps you to unblock blocked sites.
  • No registration required and lots of more features.
  •                                  This is list of best proxy sites, you can use them any time for all legal purposes, as use of our site is allowed for legal and educational purpose. Hope you like this list, please share this with your friends. I show all the sites that are best in my view, if any one is missed or not good then tell me in comment.