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Fast proxy sites - Free servers

There are many free proxy sites but they have low speed and working ability, so here i am going to share fastest proxy sites to surf anonymous or to unblock blocked sites, there exists hundred thousands of proxy sites to unblock YouTube, Facebook and other blocked sites, but most of them are hosted on share hosting account due to which they fail to provide good speed and stability, now here i will show the sites which are hosted on dedicated servers and have good speed and working ability. so use them on work or for general use to unblock blocked sites and to surf anonymously.

Fast proxy servers

There are hundred thousands of fast free proxy server you can try them to unblock blocked sites or to surf anonymously online. Some of highly quality and branded sites are discussed below.
                                                Proxy sites are generally hosted on shared hosting account due to shared hosting, CPU resources and virtual memory is also shared between members of different sites due to which these sites fail to provide good speed and stability but the highly quality branded sites are made on dedicated servers which gives users a good experience of fast browsing, you also want such type of proxy sites which are hosted on dedicated servers to give you a good speed, so here i am going to share fastest proxy site to unblock blocked sites.

Browse blocked sites directly

If you want to surf anonymously or to unblock the block sites then you can surf directly through this proxy, this proxy is made on Google app engine server, which are very fast high speed servers with good response. App spot is free but it is still good as it is hosted by world top technology company, you can use this proxy to hide your online identity or to surf blocked sites, this proxy is free and provide unlimited free access without popup ads, to us this proxy go down, type your URL, click on GO and enjoy your favorite site.

                                                   If you want other sites then see below list of top proxy sites and use them to surf anonymously.

List of Fast proxy sites

Below is the list of top best proxy servers to bypass filters or to surf anonymously, use them free for lifetime, trusted by millions of people, free and easy to accessed.


A very old proxy server, used by millions of people for their work, they provide free and paid proxy service you can use it free for life time to unblock blocked sites or to surf the websites anonymously.


Proxy service available since 2004, provide free access to blocked sites and specially used to surf anonymously.


Vtuunel a free proxy site used by hundred thousands of people to unblock blocked sites, this is free proxy site and available since from large time, you can use this free to surf anonymously.


Hiload is free proxy site made on Glype, help you to secure connection with site, this site also provide SSL and unlimited free browsing without any restrictions, they gives you full access over blocked sites, you have full control and access to use.


Q22w is free site used by millions of people, a free and comprehensive site about proxy helps you to hide your online identity, use it free for life time and enjoy blocked sites.


Another free proxy site famous for unblocking, can be used freely for unblocking and for hiding your online identity.


A free YouTube proxy site can be used to explore YouTube with fast speed, also help you to hide your online identity or to surf anonymously, fast speed with good stability.


A free premium proxy site provide unlimited free access to all blocked content can be used as free or paid. it will help you to hide your IP address, they have wide range of IP address, so choose one which best suits you and unblock the blocked sites.


A group of free proxy network used by millions to unblock blocked sites and to surf anonymously, protected by SSL  provide encrypted connection to secure your browsing. use it free for lifetime in ad supported website.

        This is the list of best proxy sites help you to hide your identity and to explore blocked sites, use them for legal educational purposes, and share it with your friends, i like these proxy sites so i show these here, if any good proxy site is missing then you can add it by submitting in comment box.