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Hiload youtube - Youtube proxy

Hiload is one of the famous and good proxy, Hiload youtube proxy is used to unblock the famous video sharing site, in areas where this video sharing site is blocked, YouTube is famous video sharing site, millions of people explore it on daily basis, hundred thousands of people daily upload videos, This video sharing site help a lot to the up-loaders and viewers, in term of up-loader, they get profited from ads and in term of viewers they get helpful content. if this helpful site is blocked in any part of world, then you can explore it freely by hiload fastest and free proxy.

Open blocked sites through Hiload.org

You can open all the blocked sites, including YouTube with the hiload fastest and free proxy, This proxy allows you unlimited free access to all blocked sites, so you can open all the sites including YouTube, with hiload fastest proxy, to open YouTube with this proxy, follow the procedure given below :

Open YouTube from Hiload.org

To open the YouTube through hiload YouTube proxy, follow the process given below :

  • Go to Hiload.org,
  • Skip ads and go down by scrolling,
  • Click on YouTube, present under the list of working media sites.
  • YouTube is opened, explore, search and use it as you want.

  • To open Hiload YouTube directly

    To open Hiload YouTube directly, follow the procedure given below and unblock the YouTube with just a ease of single click.

  • Go down by scrolling
  • Click on YouTube icon,
  • Youtube is opened, use it as you want.

  • Open YouTube by typing

    You can unblock the YouTube by typing YouTube.com URL in hiload.org, and can access it easily, if you sees that other methods are difficult (but remember that they are not difficult )then you can access YouTube by simple typing. To access site by typing then follow the procedure given below :

  • Go to Hiload.org
  • Skip ads and go down,
  • Click on Box,
  • Enter URL YouTube.com as show in image,
  • Click Go.
  •           YouTube is opened, now access it as you would like, you can watch your video by searching it in YouTube search box.

    Advantages of using Hiload.org

  • This is a free web based proxy, which is available for every one,
  • This is 128 bit SSL protected, so have a secure connection between site and you,
  • Clean and neat navigation, with small website size,
  • Fast and powerful servers, with good speed,
  • Made on glype, trusted script,
  • One year old and trusted site,
  • Protected you from all type of viruses,
  • They save cookies on their own server, so protect you from unneeded cookies,
  • You can delete any cookie you want,
  • You have options to block ads and other scripts from site,
  • You can encrypt URL,
  • Hide you identity online,
  • Shows different IP to website owners,
  • Fast browsing without ads,
  • Using this proxy, you are exploring site as a citizen of Nigeria.
  •                   This is a beautiful proxy with hundred of advantages, you can explore it free for lifetime, Use this and bookmark it, for easy use in future, this is a excellent proxy which is going to meet your all need, you can use it for office and Home use, access it any time, without any restrictions, and with many more benefits, so lets start using it.

    Alternatives of Hiload.org

    Hiload is best proxy, but if it doesn't suits you or it is blocked in your locale, then you can access blocked sites through the alternatives of Hiload.org

    Hiload.pk : Another good and best alternative to Hiload.org.
    Youtubeproxy.pk : Helps you to access blocked site same as of above.
    Q22w.com : is a good alternative of Hiload.org, provide most of benefits, same as of Hiload.org.
    Anonymous.com : It is commonly used to hide your online identity, you can use it as alternative.
    Hidemyass.com : Hide-my-ass is oldest and biggest proxy, provide free and paid proxy, without ads.
    Foreverproxy.com : Forever proxy is a big proxy network, provide free access to blocked sites.
    Webproxy.com : It is an another alternative of Hiload.org, you can use it as free.


    Use these proxy, wherever YouTube or any other site is blocked, you can use it unlimited, but remember of our policy that we share these methods just for educational purpose, or for use of educational purpose, not more then this, so you should agree with our policy, and our site usage is governed by our policy, so use our site for learning tips and tricks and for ways to unblock blocked sites and use just them for educational purpose, as we put our efforts just for educational purpose.
                                                  Hope our efforts help you a lot, if you have any problem, then share with us in comment box, and if you like our site, this post and other tips and tricks then it is necessary that you should share our proxy site with your friends.

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