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How to open blocked sites in kuwait ? - kuwait proxy

Open block sites in Kuwait with our fastest proxy, unblock all the sites that are blocked in your country we provide free and easy way to unblock all the block sites that are blocked in your locale. Kuwait is one of the Islamic country where most of the sites including VoIP like Skype is blocked by government and offices and people need it for their business and for other necessary works, so for legal use we are going here to provide you easy and free methods to unblock block sites.

Methods to unblock block sites in Kuwait

Here are some easy and free methods to open block site in kw and in other countries, so use any one method given below to open block sites.

Web based proxies

Using web based proxies to open blocked site is one of easy and famous method which is 100% free, you can open block sites through web based proxies, web based proxies act as intermediate between you and website and give you access to block sites. using web based proxies you are not using internet directly, you request to open blocked site is sent to the proxy server and then proxy server open site and return data to you. Telecommunication authorities can not track it and hence you can open block sites through web based proxies, by using web based proxies you are anonymous and your IP address will not be tracked, if you want to open block sites trough this method then follows the procedure given below.


  • Go down the web page,
  • Type URL in provided box,
  • Click on GO,
  • Your blocked site is opened, surf it freely.

    Other proxies site

    This method to unblock block site is easy and if you want more site of this type to unblock block sites then below list will be helpful to you :
  • Youtubeproxy.pk
  • Unblockproxy.pk
  • Hiload.org
  • Q22w.com
  • Hiload.pk

    Use Proxy software's

    If it is not easy for you to go to proxy site again and again for unblocking then you can use proxy software's, these software's are known as VPN software's means virtual private network software's, these can help you to open all the sites without ease of any problem, most of these software's needs to be bought, but you can also use them free for life time in ad supported version. The most famous software for this purpose is Hot spot shield, which allows you to surf freely, through routing your IP address.

    Use Hotspot shield

    Hotspot shield helps you to open all the site easily and freely, you can use it free for life time in ad supported version and if you will buy its license then the ads will disappear, hotspot shield have good speed and high response server, it protects your browsing from viruses, you are safe and protected by its usage, if you want it then follow the procedure below :
  • Download Hotspot shield from this link,
  • Install it on your PC or on laptop,
  • After install open it,
  • Click on connect,
  • After connection the icon in left of task bar appear green,
    Now hotspot shield is ready, use it and explore websites and use VoIP.

    Use Spot-flux

    You can also use spot-flux to unblock block sites, but in some countries like that in Pakistan it is also blocked, so use it and check it, its working or not, if it is working then its good because it is free vpn without ads and allow unlimited free access to all blocked sites, you can grab it online from internet or can download it from below link, this is a beautiful software which gives you US based proxy, so its easy and free to open blocked sites with this proxy software, this give you freedom and security.
    Download Spot-flux

    Change IP address

    By changing your dynamic IP address to a static IP address can help you to unblock sites that are blocked in your locale, if you want to open block sites through this method, follow the procedure below :
  • Go to control panel,
  • Click on the network and internet connection,
  • Click on network connections,
  • Now right click on network adapter,
  • From here open properties
  • There is Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Click and Go in Properties,
  • Here Change Dynamic IP to static IP,
  • Here enter IP address from latest updated site as IP address do not work after sometime, you can grab from hidemyass.com.
  • Enter IP address and then save it.

    Use sites on mobile

    As some VoIP and websites are blocked in Kuwait, but they can be accessed if you are using them on mobile or on tablet as these devices have different DNS settings. You can open all the sites on mobile so its easy and free, it work both on WiFi or and on mobile network internet, so use Skype and other services on mobile and access block sites but remember it doesn't work on all devices so test and if its work then use free.

    Buy VPN

    If any other method is not working then you can buy VPN, hundred thousands of companies provide it online on low prices, the best one is hidemyass vpn, as they are serving this from long time, you can get even more online, and buy one which best suits your needs and requirements, these software help you to open block site some of these software's are also free you can read more about them at my blog.

    Use Skype in Kuwait

    I heard that Skype is also blocked in Kuwait, as it is necessary for business and other activities, you can use it on your PC without any problem with proxy software's, download any one proxy software discussed above or use VPN software to unblock it, after using proxy software there is no problem in usage and if there is problem in downloading then you can use this link to download skype.

    Use other VOIP

    Other VOIP can also be used in same way as Skype, download any proxy software, hotspot shield or spotflux and use them to unblock other VOIP and all other services that are blocking you.

                 Hope you enjoyed this post a lot about unblocking blocked sites in Kuwait , if you have gained some knowledge and liked it then its request to you that please share it with your friends and just use this for legal purposes as government blocked sites just for your betterment, and if you have any problem or suggestion then share it in a comment.

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