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How to open blocked sites in Pakistan - Pakistan proxy

Open blocked sites in Pakistan with easy and free method, now you can unblock all the blocked sites in any country with this fastest proxy, we tells you methods to open block sites that are blocked in any country, as we know that many sites are blocked in Pakistan by Pakistan telecommunication authority but you can open all of them for educational purposes, we gives you the simple and easy methods to open block sites. In Pakistan many sites are blocked and they are unable to be accessed by PTA, there are filters which bypass your work but you have now problem for unblocking of any site because you have found our blog, now you have access to all blocked content, so let starts and check the method that best suits you.

Open blocked sites in Pakistan

In Pakistan the major video sharing site YouTube is blocked but you can explore it for educational purposes, as all the educational videos are present on YouTube, so just for educational purpose use the below method to unblock YouTube in pk.

Open YouTube in Pakistan

If you want to open YouTube which is blocked in Pakistan since 2012 then go down and click on YouTube icon, YouTube is opened explore it as you want.
Open youtube in Pakistan

Open other blocked sites

Many other sites are also blocked in Pakistan, if you want to explore them, them then the other methods can help you but remember polices and guidelines by your country, we are sharing these tips just for educational purposes not for other purposes so just use these methods for educational purposes. There are many methods to unblock blocked sites like web based proxy, vpn software's, Ip address proxy and by changing DNS settings, so follow the procedure below to open all other blocked sites that are blocked in Pakistan, and other countries.

1- By Web Based proxy

Web based proxy are the best way to unblock block sites as they are easy and free to use, they use proxy servers to work for you, by using them you are not using site directly, your request of opening site goes to their server and after that these servers open site and return back data to you, and in this way you are exploring sites remember that in this way your IP address and your location is not tracked so you are protect from telling web owners about your location. If you want to open blocked sites through web based proxy then follow the procedure given below and remember that just use it for educational purposes :

Use Web Based proxy sites

If you want to open blocked sites with web based proxy then you should use any web based proxy, some of the best web based proxy with good speed and security are given below :

Hiload.pk: Hiload.pk is Pakistani website, and it servers are located in us, it can be used to open all the blocked site, it is specially designed to open YouTube but you can also used it to open other site, it is glype proxy.

Youtubeproxy.pk : Another web based Pakistani site that can be used to explore block site with security.

Hiload.org : A famous and beautiful proxy site that can be used to open all the blocked sites, you can use it to explore all the sites that are locked in your local, it is Netherlands based proxy.

12345proxy.com : The web based proxy that can be used to explore all the blocked site with good security and unlimited usage.

Directly use web based proxy

If you don't like to go to these above proxy for exploring blocked sites then you can use direct proxy to explore blocked site, here we are sharing a wonderful hiload proxy which will help you to open blocked sites, you do not have to go to any site, just have to follow the below procedure :

  • Go down the site
  • Enter URL in a provided box,
  • Click on GO,
  • Your blocked site in opened, explore it as you want.

    2- Open blocked sites by proxy software

    You can open all the block site simply by downloading and installing the proxy software, there are many proxy software, you can download them and can use them for free. These software's are known as Software VPN, most of them need payment, but some of them can be used free with ads, the most common proxy software is hotspot shield and spot-flux.Hotspot shield is free with ad supported version and spot-flux is without ads but it is being targeted by PTA, so you can not use spot-flux in Pakistan, but don't worry you can use Hotspot shield for free and if you like it to be free of ads then you should pay for it.

    Use hotspot shield

    Hotspot shield is free in ad version you can grab it online, and can unblock all the blocked sites, remember that it do not allow access to illegal content in free version, so if you want to use it for YouTube or for other legal work then you can use it free, to download hotspot shield use the below link, after downloading install it then connect and then use it for free and after use disconnect it, you will get bored with it irritating ads, so its better to use other methods, you can also use other software's you can learn more about other proxy software at below link.
    Download Hotspot shield
    Read about Top eleven proxy software's

    3- By changing IP address settings

    By changing IP address configuration you can open blocked sites, in Pakistan there exist dynamic ip address means that when you restart your PC or restart your DSL router your IP address will change, every visitor is known by its IP address and every computer connected to internet have its own IP address, IP address can tell the location of person using internet and it can also be used to unblock block sites, if you want to unblock block sites through IP address routing you can use this method, in this method we will change our IP address with the IP address of any other country and in this way we will block blocked site, so follow the procedure below to open block sites through IP.
  • Open your control panel and click on the network and internet connections,
  • Click on network connections,
  • Now right click on network adapter,
  • Open properties,
  • There is Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Click and Go in Properties,
  • Here Change Dynamic IP to static IP,
  • Get IP address from latest updated site like that of hidemyass.com, you can get more online from searching on google,
  • Enter it in static IP address bar and save

    4- Use sites on Mobile

    If you are newbie and not know any thing then you can open blocked sites on Mobile without any trick, blocked sites work on WiFi and also on data transfer, so you can open and explore all the blocked sites through mobile, using blocked sites through mobile is easy and have low cost or totally free.

    5-Buy VPN

    Many companies on internet provide VPN, VPN stands for virtual private network, they are good when other methods are working, there are hundred thousands of companies, some companies like hotspot provide free vpn as well, but paid one is recommended because in paid version there are no ads and have a good speed. they are only recommended when you have office or special type of work, normally they cost nearly thirty dollar a year.
               Hope this posts help you to open blocked site in Pakistan, if you like it then share it with your friend and if you have any difficulty then put it up in comment, but remember that we show these method just for educational purpose so just use them for educational purposes.
    Disclaim : The information here is just for educational purpose, use of this information for other then educational purpose is prohibited.