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Q22w free web proxy

Q22w is a free web based proxy, provides way for unblocking all the blocked sites, Q22w is US based proxy, helps you to unblock all the blocked sites, This proxy allows you to browse your favorite websites fast and anonymous. Bypass your work or school's firewall that may be blocking you, and access all the resources you want, using Q22w proxy you are safe and anonymous , your details are hide and you can use unlimited but you will be redirected to main site after specific time, Q22w use cookies to ensure that their proxy is only used up through their site, so here we cant share there site bar for easy reaching to Q22w.

Use Q22w

To use this proxy go to Q22w.com by clicking, skip ads and go down, here enter the blocked site URL and click on Go, your blocked site will be opened, enjoy using it.


  • By using this proxy you have option to Download Videos without any software,
  • Free for lifetime,
  • Unlimited use
  • Knowledge base documents
  • clean and neat view
  • without problem making ads,
  • fast and reliable,
  • Security,
  • Small sized