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Anonymous proxy list

Want to surf anonymously that no one can track you, here is the list of anonymous proxy sites that will change your original IP address with fake IP address and make your hidden over internet, many people want to work anonymously so no one can track them, mostly people who have static IP want to become anonymous as their IP remain same over internet, the people having static IP can change their IP address with one which best suites you, below is the complete updated list of proxy sites and IP port proxies that would make you anonymous online.

What is difference between anonymous web surfing and ordinary web surfing?

When you are surfing online, your IP address, user agent, location, browser,..etc are traced by webmasters, and your ISP can know about which sites you are surfing, and if you want to hide these details then you should become anonymous, many people become anonymous to secure their connection from hackers and for many other purposes, if you want to become anonymous then this guide can help you.

Why surf anonymously?

  • To hide your real IP address,
  • If your IP is blocked then you can use become anonymous,
  • To secure your connection,
  • To hide your details from ISP,
  • Web based anonymous proxies can be used to unblock blocked sites,
  • To protect yourself from different types of attacks.

  • How to become anonymous online?

    You can become anonymous online by using these methods :
    1- Using web based proxies.
    2- Using IP port proxies
    3- Using VPN

    Using web based proxies

    By using web based proxies you can hide your real IP address, these web based proxies load your requested site on their own server and sent its data back to you in this way your IP is not tracked, you can check your IP address after using web based proxies, when you are using web based proxies then go to any IP checking site and check your IP, and see difference between real and fake IP.

    Anonymous web based proxy list :

  • Hiload.org : offers free web based proxy, you can use this proxy to hide your online identity, and to unblock blocked sites, this site is made on glype which gives you complete access to all blocked content.
  • Q22w.com : Another free glype proxy to hide your online identity, and to secure your online connection.
  • 12345proxy.com : Gives complete solution of anonymously surfing, they have network of proxy sites.
  • Anonymous.org : A proxy site to make you anonymous online, this site is working since 2004, you can try free for lifetime use.
  • Hidemyass.com : A free proxy server, which make you anonymous over internet.
  • Newipnow.com : Changes your IP address and make you anonymous online, this is the best free site which make you anonymous over internet, they gives you a list of proxy, so you can choose anyone which best suites you.
  • Browsefreely.com : Gives option o browse freely and anonymously over internet, this is a fast free proxy site to access blocked content.
  • Youtubeproxy.pk : Make you anonymous over internet and gives unlimited access to all blocked site, this site is specially designed for videos site like YouTube.
  • Freeproxy.com : Provide you unlimited free access to blocked content, you can use this to hide your IP address as well.
  • Proxyhd.com : A super fast proxy site for accessing blocked content, you can also use this site to surf anonymously and to hide your IP address.
  • Proxylord.com : The king of proxy sites that make your connection secure and fast.
  • Jre44.com : this is another free anonymous proxy site, that can hide your IP  address.

  • By using IP:Port proxies

    IP port proxies can help you to hide your online identity, they are easy and available free, you can add these proxies to your browser and your IP will be changed, there are hundred thousands of free proxies, some of free proxies are listed below :

    Using IP:Port Proxies

    You can choose IP of your own choice from list, this IP is not real and not will be tracked while you are surfing online, go down, below here we show the updated list of best IP:Port proxies.

    IP:Port proxy list

    Below is the updated list of fast, high speed proxies, at the time of writing all of these are working, but they can go off after specific time so be updated with our IP proxy list :        83    81    81    81    81    8080
     81    81

    Detailed list of IP port proxies

    21     Mozambique 
    23   Tiny proxy

    28       Netherlands
    29           United Kingdom
    24             Kazakhstan
    25       China

    22         China
    26       Macedonia
    27       Colombia

    Using VPN

    VPN change you actual IP with its own server IP, so its look like that your are using from another country, some VPN also give option to change user agent and hence no data about you will be tracked , most of VPN provide option to choose location like Hotspot shield.

    Become anonymous using VPN

    VPN can make you anonymous online, they will change your IP address and show another location to webmasters, they are helpful if you want that no one can track you, when your are visiting site like example.com your ISP will know about it, but when you are using VPN software, Internet service provider can not track you, so you become anonymous and secured with VPN, By using VPN you are using internet as citizen of country from which VPN is provided.
                                              VPN stands for virtual private network, VPN software's route your browsing from their servers instead of direct browsing, so if you want to become anonymous, you can use VPN, remember the websites you have visited before using VPN through same device can track you if that site is using cookies, like Google.com & Facebook.com. so be clever and if you have visited that site before then you must delete your cookies and cache if you want to become anonymous.

    Best Free VPN

  • Hotspot Shield : This VPN can be used as free and paid on both ways, there free version provide unlimited access to all blocked sites, but they have popup ads.
  • SpotFlux : A free VPN, provide ad free browsing to all blocked sites, use this to surf anonymously.
  • GhohstVPN : This VPN can be used as free and paid, you can use this VPN to surf anonymously.

  • There are many other free and paid VPN, you can read more about them at my blog. These are the best ways and best tricks to become anonymous, this is just for educational purposes, use of these tricks and this info is just for legal purposes, hope you like this post, if you liked it then share this with your friends, for latest proxy tips and tricks stay updated with our blog.