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Best Free and Paid VPN service provider in UK - United Kingdom best Networks

UK best paid and free VPN, there are hundred thousands of Free VPN to unblock blocked sites and to surf anonymously, but people confuse to use which one, so here i am sharing the best paid and free VPN for United Kingdom to unblock your favorites sites and to surf the web anonymously, you can made your own choice to use which one, so lets start.

 Choosing a VPN software

Choosing a best VPN require the knowledge about VPN, choosing of VPN generally depend upon three main things.

1- Speed of VPN,
2- Price of that VPN,
3- Security, Freedom, performance and reviews of others

Speed of VPN

Speed of VPN matters, because everything depend upon it, a normal VPN must provide at least 10mb speed, so you can access the sites with good speed, another thing about speed is that VPN servers are located far away due to which there response take time as ping take time, so always try to take VPN of nearest country, many VPN software's provide many location so choose the one which have good speed with fast server response, the information about speed of that VPN is located in documents, some VPN charge more for fast speed but mostly it doesn't matter, you should choose a VPN service which is providing its service more then a year ago, as this period tell about their performance.
VPN speed

Price of VPN

If you have good money then buy the costly VPN because good item have good price but if you have limited then choose the right one and search for their offers, as good companies give offers every week, but remember that don't buy very cheap VPN because they have thousands of problem due to which that have low cost, Free VPN is better then buying a very low price VPN, now its your choice to choose a price.

Security, Freedom and performance

Performance is the thing which really matter, if VPN is providing good speed but its server goes down again and again then that VPN is not of use, now if performance is necessary then how can you know about its performance without buying it, this is the question which may come in your mind, so the answer is that check if there trail is present, then try their trail version and if trail is not present then read reviews of users from public forum, if you haven't found any review then its mean that software is not popular, if that is your choice then you can put question about that VPN on any public forum and can get answers from people.


Security is another thing which must be provided by VPN for secure browsing, nearly all VPN provide security as part of their service but you should know about VPN security and privacy.


The last thing is Freedom that how much you can use VPN software, some VPN gives less bandwidth but mostly gives unlimited, this is must that you should.check bandwidth as many people spent a lot of time on internet and if they are using VPN with low bandwidth then there is problem for them.

These are the points that should be noticed while buying a VPN software for your work or for general use, because if you would not notice them at the time of buying then you may have a big problem.

VPN software's

VPN software's that are best for use, use these paid and free software's according to your need and work. There is a good list of free and paid VPN that can help you to unblock blocked sites and to surf the web anonymously.

Free VPN

The two main free VPN software for free use, read below and choose on which best suits you,


A complete free VPN proxy solution, use this and browse your favorite sites without ads, this software assign you US proxy, and can help you to unblock your favorite site and to surf the web anonymously. This software provide good speed and security as well, so use if you want to use a free software.

Download Spotflux

Hotspot Shield

A famous free VPN software, you can use this to unblock blocked sites, this company provide free and paid service, in free version there are many popup ads but in elite version you are protected and there are no ads, they gives you choice to choose your location from four countries, you can use this software for life time, this software also provide security to secure your online connection.

Download Hotspot Shield 

Paid VPN

Two best paid VPN software's, use these VPN if you want to use them for office work, they are trusted by thousands of people, you can choose any one of these and if you don't want them then are hundred thousands of more VPN to use, so let see below.

Hidemyass VPN

Very old VPN used by hundred thousands of people, they gives you monthly and yearly subscription at low prices, they have thousands of IP addresses with six hundred servers, you can check their web based proxy for free, they are providing service from more then ten year.
                                      They have good support, with 75000 + IP addresses, and 604 servers in 75 different countries, they gives you unlimited bandwidth with thirty day money back guarantee, they are trusted by thousands of people, so they are good choice to for premium customers.

Go to Hidemyass

Hotspot shield Elite

Hotspot shield premium VPN is good choice that is used by hundred thousands of people, you can try free version, if you like that then buy elite, they provide every thing that may be provided by other VPN, you can use them to unblock blocked sites, hide your identity and to secure browsing, they are recommended by many people and etech blogs,  This VPN is one of famous VPN used throughout the world, this provide you unlimited bandwidth on low rates and fast speed browsing.

Go to Hotspot Shield site

Now its your choice  to choose VPN, i have tried my best to tell you all about VPN, bur remember that VPN are generally used to unblock blocked sites, and if you are unblocking sites for other then legal purposes then you are doing crime, so just use this post and VPN for educational purposes, the illegal use of this info is prohibited.
                 Hope you enjoyed this post and attained a good knowledge, your suggestions questions and feedback are welcomed, we hope you appreciate our work, i try my best to show you best VPN, if you think anyone is missing then tell me in comment, after reading this like and share with friends.