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Best vpn software - free proxy

The 10 best VPN software's to unblock blocked sites, there are hundred thousands of free and paid VPN but most of them are not providing good speed and 100% up time, so here i am writing a post to show you the top most used famous VPN software's for proxy service. The VPN is short form of virtual private network and these software's are proxy software's, some of them help to hide your identity by routing your IP address and some of them helps you to unblock blocked sites by securing your connection by third party server now it is up to you that how you used these software's, i used these software for unblocking sites that are protected by owners or government and just use them for legal purposes and you also must use this post for legal purposes.

Best VPN proxy software's

The top ten most used famous software are discussed below, you can use any of them for your home or general work, all the software's shown here have ability to be used free, so you can use them free and try the software which best suits you :


Spot-flux is a free VPN software, used by millions of people, you can also use it as free, it is free for life time without ads, it have US based proxy service, you can grab it online from internet and use it freely but if you are trying to use it from Pakistan then don't download and install it, because Pakistan telecommunication authority has blocked its database centers, however if you are living in any other country then you can use it freely.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield offers free and paid VPN service, if you want to open legal sites then its good to use it freely but in free they don't allow illegal sites, so if you want to open sites like YouTube then you can use it freely, they also have good access and speed, they provide you to choose IP from four countries, there are many popup ads in free version but elite version is free of ads and have more flexibility. so download it directly from their site and use it for free.

Cyberghost VPN

This VPN can be used as free but it is originally premium VPN software, this software require window 7 or later so don't download it on older version of window as it will not work, This is a beautiful VPN software which have high speed and flexibility, in free version there are no ads, so you can browse your favorite site with fast speed and high response.

Tunnel bear

Tunnel bear is another free software that can be used to unblock blocked sites, it provides unlimited free access to all blocked sites and gives you experience as you are surfing from another country, This VPN gives you choice to choose the country which best suits you, this software is used by more then one million people all over the world, it shows that this is a popular and helping VPN, Download it online from internet it have very small setup so download very fastly, ater that install and use it.
                                        This software can be used on Android, mobile or on mac, so gives you complete free freedom.


This is premium VPN which also gives your 100 MB of free browsing, you can download and access all the blocked contents, it have good support and low price as compared to other VPN, so if you like this then you can buy it, you can also use free more then 100MB by referring others.


Expat-shield is a complete free famous VPN software, allow free and unlimited access to all blocked sites, it assign you UK IP address. It is free software, it maintain your online privacy, help to protect your identity, and can be used to access blocked sites. it is reported several times in newspapers, you can download it directly from their site and can use it unlimited. This software was downloaded millions of times, and use by hundred thousands of people.


A free VPN software gives you access to blocked sites, it safe your privacy, gives you freedom and secure your connection, this is one of the famous VPN used by millions of people, you can download it directly form their site and can use it online freely, they have very small setup so easy to use. in beginning it was created for chines people to give them complete freedom but know it is used world wide by millions of people.

Gap proxy

Another free software that can be used free for life time, a free proxy software with complete access to blocked content this software just work in internet explorer, so use this if you are user of internet explorer. it is fully open source that will allow you do network, internet and plenty of other tasks that you want, this software can be used to perform office or other commercial works.


A free proxy software that can be used in same way as other software can be used, it gives you free fast and secure connection to unblock blocked sites, this VPN can be used for sites where your personal data might be at risk, it gives you securit and freedom.


 G-Tunnel is a free Windows application that works like local HTTP or SOCKS server, G tunnel gives you protection and complete access to all blocked sites, it is made by Garden networks which encrypt your connection by security algorithms, it hides your IP address and assign you different IP address, it is free complete security sysstem for your computer.

Download links

Download all the software's mentioned and shown above by these links :

  • Private Tunnel
  • Exapttshieled
  • Ultrasurf
  • hotspotshield.com
  • cyberghostvpn.com
  • tunnelbear.com
  • Spotflux
  • gappproxy.soft112.com
  • gardennetworks.org 

  • This is comprehensive post about best and leading industry VPN software's, you can use them online fro your work or for general use but remember that use of this site and all its content is just for legal purposes, so use these software's and enjoy free and security.