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Free proxy server - Server list

There are many free proxy server, you can use them to surf anonymously and to unblock blocked sites, there is larger list of free sites, you can use them to unblock your favorite sites for legal purposes, these proxy servers are fast, free and easy to use, choose any one from this list and use it as you want for legal purposes. If you are using internet from school, college or office, you have been restricted by many sites to explore but you can bypass filtration by using these free proxy server.

Free proxy server

This is the best free web based proxy server provided by Hiload.org, you can use this to unblock your favorite sites and to surf anonymously for legal purposes,this is provided here just for legal educational purposes, use this just for legal educational purpose, to use this proxy follow the procedure given below :
  • Go down this site by scrolling page,
  • Here you find a box, enter your URL in that box,
  • Click on GO,
  • Your blocked site is opened, surf it anonymously for legal educational purposes.

  • Best free proxy servers

    There are hundred thousands of free proxy servers, but most of them fail to provide fast response and good speed, but here we will list proxy servers, which are hosted on dedicated servers with dedicated IP and provide fast speed and fast response, you can use them free for office or for general use and can hide your IP address and unblock blocked sites, they are fast and easily accessible.

    List of Fast free proxy server

    Below is the list of fast free working proxy servers, they have good speed and easy to be accessed, you can use them for your office or for general work without risk of any security, they will assign you an IP address of another country and will hide your real IP address.

    Hidemyass proxy

    A working proxy server since 2004, provide free unlimited access to blocked sites with browsers extensions, they provide free and paid proxy, you can use there web based proxy for free, if you want to use this proxy continuously then you can install there browser extension which will route your connection by their proxy for free, there HMA pro VPN is paid VPN with fast access to blocked sites.

    Go to Hidemyass web proxy
    Alexa Rank : 621
    Age : 9 years
    Products : Pro VPN, Web based Proxy, IP:Port proxy list
    Used by : Millions of people
    SSL :Yes, verified by Comodo
    Location :Provide many location for pro VPN subscriber and US on web based proxy.


    Hiload.org is a free web based proxy server, they provide unlimited free access to blocked sites, they have ad supported proxy site since 2009, this site will assign you Netherlands IP address, this proxy server is SSL secured which is verified by Star com, you can use this proxy free for lifetime, this site will remove all the the restrictions, and give you unlimited browsing without any bandwidth restrictions, you can use it for office and for general work without any risk of security.

    Go to Hiload.org.
    Alexa Rank : 13,600
    IP address :
    Age : 5 year at the time of writing.
    Products : Free web based proxy and chrome apps.
    Used by : Hundred thousands of people daily.
    SSL : Available on demand, Secured by Star com SSL.
    Location :  Amsterdam North Holland, Netherlands


    This is proxy network group, which provide unlimited free access to blocked sites, they remove all the restrictions by routing your connection through there servers, you can use this proxy for free, this proxy server is also ad supported and one of trusted proxy site, it is used by hundred thousands of people daily.

    Go to 12345proxy.com.
    Alexa Rank : 28,170
    Age : 5 year (on time of publishing).
    Products : Free web based proxy.
    Used by : 2 lac people/daily
    SSL : Yes, verified by Star com LTD
    Location :  Los Angeles CA, United States
    IP address :


    A free secured proxy server with fast speed that can help you to unblock your favorites sites, and keep your identity hidden, This site increase your privacy and security on internet, its fast free and easy to use, it is also ad supported proxy.

    Go to Aunblock.com
    Alexa Rank : 27,251
    Age : 1 year
    Products : Free web based proxy service.
    Used by : Hundred thousands of people.
    SSL : N/A
    Location : Europe


    A free proxy server that help you to open YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and other blocked sites with Fast speed, they provide unlimited free access to blocked content for legal purposes, this is complete free proxy server that is used by thousands of people daily, its fast and easy to use, this proxy server is generally designed for Pakistanis but now used by people all over the world.

    Go to proxyserver.pk
    Alexa Rank of this site : 220,438
    Products of pk proxy server : Free web based proxy
    Used by : Thousands of people.
    SSL security :N/A
    Website location : Europe


    NewIPNow hides your online identity by giving you fake IP address, this proxy provide a large list of IP to choose, you can choose IP of your own choice, they provide premium web based proxy service with hundreds of ip address, this is one of famous proxy server used by million of people online, this proxy secure your connection, hide your ip address and unblock blocked sites.

    Go to NewIPNow.com
    Alexa Rank : 28,000
    Ip address :
    Age : 5 years.
    Products : Paid and free proxy service, with multiple IP address.
    Used by : Millions of people.
    SSL : Not found on main site.
    Location : Mclean VA, United States and many other locations for users.


    This is another free proxy server, which provide unlimited restricted browsing, they provide unlimited free usage with fast speed, but by using this you will be redirected to main site after a specific time, as they don't allow complete access as software did, and advantage of this is that you have fast speed to explore written content.

    Go to Q22w.com
    Alexa Rank : 23,200
    Age : 2 years approx
    Products : Web based free proxy made on Glype.
    Used by : Hundred thousands of people/daily.
    SSL : N/A
    Location :US


    A best free proxy server help you to unblock famous video sites, Facebook, twitter and other social site, this proxy server gives you complete access and control over blocked site, you can set cookies, encrypt page, remove scripts and object and have much more control, this site is powered by 4ever proxy network, blewpass proxy is hosted on dedicated servers so have good fast speed with less response time.

    Go to Blewpass.com
    Alexa Rank : 155,088
    Ip address :
    Age : 5 years.
    Products : Free web proxy on 4ever proxy network.
    Used by : Thousands of people on daily basis.
    SSL :N/A

    A largest proxy network with hundred of proxy site, the above mentioned blewpass is also powered by 4everproxy, this proxy provide a wide range of proxy sites and help you to unblock all the blocked sites, in same way as blewpass did, this is fast, free and easy to access, you can use this to hide your IP address, and to secure your connection.

    Go to 4everproxy.com
    Alexa Rank : 13,418
    Age : 2 years.

    Server IP :
    Products : Free proxy with proxy listing of their own sites.
    Used by : Millions of people/Month

    SSL : Available on demand


    A beautiful proxy site, which is free for lifetime use, this proxy server helps you to unblock your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube, you can use this proxy server to keep your identity hidden, they will mask you a fake IP address and will secure your connection, they can be used to access all blocked sites for legal purposes.

    Go to Free-proxyserver.com
    Alexa Rank : 225,100
    Age : 1 year.

    Products : Web proxy.
    Used by : Thousands of people

    SSL : N/A
    Location : Atlanta GA, United States

    Properties of this list

  • All site are free for use,
  • Fast with high speed server response,
  • Easy to be accessed and used,
  • Famous worldwide,
  • Clean and neat views without popup ads,
  • Helpful to you,
  • Best for office or general use.

  •  Why use proxy server?

     If you have Question that why should you use these proxy servers, then the answer is below :

  • To hide your IP address,
  • To keep your personal data secured,
  • To unblock blocked sites in school/offices for educational and legal purposes,
  • Protect computer from viruses,
  • To hide your data from hackers.

  • These are general proxy usage, there are hundreds of more usage as well.


    This is post about proxy servers, proxy servers are helpful for many purposes, you can use them for all your legal purpose, all the proxy servers mentioned here are free. The purpose of this post is your help, if government blocked news site to down the voice of people, or blocked Facebook community or other sites to protect themselves, then you can use proxy servers, as this is your right, you can use this post and other tricks on my site just for legal educational purposes, illegal use of any content here is strictly prohibited, we welcome your response, suggestions and feedback, if this post helped you then its request to you to share this with your friends and be happy and stay updated with our blog for latest articles.