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Change your IP on demand with Newipnow.com, New IP Now is a proxy website which gives you unlimited access to all blocked sites, they provide many free IP addresses to hide your current IP,  Here you can choose any IP address of your own choice, this site can be used to hide your IP address and to unblock blocked sites, they have many fast proxy servers, as they are hosted on dedicated servers, they have fast server response, this site gives unlimited access to all blocked sites, they have neat and clean website with secure connection, you can use this site from any country.

Properties of NewIPNow

  • Fast speed browsing,
  • Ad free browsing,
  • Unlimited access to blocked sites,
  • Hide your IP address,
  • Give you option to choose IP address of your own choice,
  • Clean and neat site,
  • Trusted and secured site,
  • Hide your online identity,
  • Free for lifetime use,
  • Trusted by millions of people,
  • High speed website view,
  • No need to register, if using free,
  • Fast proxy servers,
  • New your IP,
  • Protect you from viruses,
  • Unblock blocked sites,
  • Best for office or general use.

  • Why use this site?

  • Better then all other site,
  • Free for use,
  • Help you to unblock blocked sites,
  • Change your IP address,
  • Hide your online identity,
  • Secure your connection,
  • Fast browsing,
  • Ad free browsing.

  • How to use this proxy site?

    To use this site follow the procedure given below :
  • Go to Newipnow.com
  • Go down and enter your required URL, 
  • Choose IP and country,
  • Click on Surf,
  • Your site is opened, surf it freely.

  • IP addresses

    Below is the list of IP address provided by NewIpNow.com, you can use any of them for your work or for general use. 


  • Countries list by NewIPNow

    These are the countries from where you will be provided IP address, so no tension, use any country which is best for you.  

  • ENGLAND, UK   

  • Performance of NewIPNow

    Newipnow have very good performance, they gives you high speed, with security, there site is hosted on dedicated servers, so give you fast speed browsing for YouTube and other sites.

    Freedom by this site

    Newipnow gives freedom to you, help you to unblock all the blocked sites with unlimited bandwidth, they gives you real way of freedom.

    Security provided by NewIPNow

    Newipnow gives undefined security, protect you from viruses, secure you online browsing, hide your personal details, change your IP address, clean websites from malicious java scripts and protect your online privacy.

    What i do if this site is also blocked in my area?

    If this site is also blocked in your area, then you can explore this site, just by its IP address, the IP address of Newipnow is .

    For what purpose this site is used by?

    This site is generally used to unblock blocked sites and to hide IP address, this site is famous as it is providing many IP address on single platform.

    How to verify that my IP address is changed after using NewIPnow?

    After using this proxy your IP address is changed in front of site you are viewing but in fact your real IP is not changed, and if you want to see that your IP is changed or not when using NewIPNow, then Go to whatismyip.com and see what is your IP address and they will also tell you which country and browser you are using.

    Complete Details

    Details   Free proxy   Premium proxy
    Price  :   Free for use   $ 5 US per month
    Limit  :  No limit       No limit
    IPs      :   3                  Many
    Ads     :   yes              No

    Title : NewIPNow
    Speed :1 gigabyte
    Money back : 3Days.
    VPN software : No
    Available Locations : United States / Europe
    Protocol : HTTP, HTTPS and SSL
    License: Freeware, UN-restricted
    Extension Download Link : http://newipnow.com/extension.html
    Proxy Homepage : http://newipnow.com
    Contact link : http://newipnow.com/contact.html

    Website IP :
    Hosting Location :  McLean VA, United States
    Website Age : Nearly 3 Years.

    Newipnow Alexa details

    According to Alexa NewIPNow.com is ranked # 28,749 in world and 11,282 in India, Total back-links pointing to this domain are 459.

    Technical details

    This site is using PHP, MySQL technologies, they have dedicated servers, The domain Newipnow.com is registered by ENOM, this domain is registered in 2009 , the IP address of this site is :

    Statistics of Newmyipnow.com

    This site is earning daily $500 USD from ads , its estimated worth is $186,900 USD , Daily nearly 119,000 people visit this site.

    Security in use

    This site is secured, we do not found any type of virus, malvare or any type of malicious code that harm your computer.

    Social visibility
    Traffic Rank : 23,000
    Page Rank : 5
    Facebook Shares : 210
    Facebook Like : 70
    Google+ : 61
    Twitter Shares : 600

    Alternatives of NewmyIPnow.com

    You can use these sites if newipnow is not working or it have some sort of problem :

  • BlewPass 
  • Proxify 
  • Zend2.com
  • TurboHide.com
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