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Open waptrick on PC / computer - Waptrick.com

Many people try to open waptrick.com and wapkid.com on computer to download mobile items, but they failed to do so, because waptrick.com is not available for downloading on PC and if you want to download then you have to use it on mobile, many people have problem to use it, so here i am going to share a trick which will able you to download mobile websites content on computer, in this trick your PC behave as mobile and website server think this client is using from mobile and in this way you are able to use waptrick and other mobile websites on computer.

Use Mobile sites on PC

If you want to use or download mobile content on PC / Computer then follow the procedure given below :

Open waptrick and other sites on computer

To open waptrick.com on your PC, follow the procedure and given below :
  • First you should have Firefox, if Firefox is not installed then download and install it first,
  • After installing, open Firefox and then download and install " User agent switcher " add on (as shown in image), 
  • For downloading this add-on click on Add to Firefox.
  • Now click on Allow,
  • Then restart Firefox,
  • Now go to Tools, and click on Difficult user agent,
  • From here choose Iphone 3.0
  • Now open the website, what difference you see.

  • Difference in view of waptrick by using simply and by using by this trick

    By using this Trick you can use waptrick on PC / computer, as shown below in images.

     This is view before using this trick of opening mobile sites on PC.

    This is view after using this trick, your view may be different but don't worry this works.

    Now use this best and beautiful site on your PC but just use it for legal purposes, as it have some illegal content as well, govern of these tricks is just allowed for legal purposes, so use this post to open waptrick or wapkid on PC and enjoy it, Like and share this with your friends.