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The best free web based proxy12345 is one of famous proxy, used by millions of people, you can use it online to unblock blocked sites and to surf anonymously, it is fast free web based proxy that provide unlimited free access to blocked sites, this site bypass all the filters which are blocking you and enables you to surf freely, proxy12345 is built upon on Glype proxy script, that allows free anonymous browsing to blocked sites, you can use 12345proxy for free to open blocked sites for legal educational purposes.

How to use proxy12345?

If you want to open blocked sites through proxy12345, then follow the procedure given below :

  • Go to Proxy12345,
  • Go down the web page,
  • Here Enter blocked site URL,
  • Click on GO,
  • Blocked site is opened for you, enjoy it freely.

  • Silent features of this proxy

  • Free for life time use.
  • Provide unlimited free access to blocked site.
  • Have a comprehensive notes about proxies.
  • This proxy will hide your IP address for free.
  • Socket layer secured browsing.
  • Neat and clean template by css styles.
  • Provide full control over blocked site.
  • Trusted site, nearly one year old.
  • Fast server speed.
  • provide anonymous browsing.

    Our review about proxy12345

    Proxy12345 is free web based proxy made on Glype, this proxy helps you to open your favorite blocked sites, it will change your IP address to make you anonymous, this is fast free proxy service suitable for normal use, you can use all blocked sites through proxy, using proxy12345 no one can track you, this proxy provide ad free browsing, so its good choice for all your general need, use it freely for all legal purpose.
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