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Unblock proxy - Free unblocking

The free unblock proxy to open blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and other blocked sites, this is the free web based proxy which helps you to unblock all the social sites for free, but just for legal educational purposes. In many countries website like YouTube, Facebook,..etc are being blocked from accessing, but you can easily explore them using our web based free proxy, our simple proxy allows you to open all the websites for legal educational purposes, this simple proxy is delivered through Hiload proxy servers, which gives you fast speed and unlimited browsing.

How to use Unblock Proxy?

To unblock your all favorite sites for legal educational purposes follow the procedure given below :
  • Go down by scrolling,
  • Click on box,
  • Enter your favorite site URL,
  • Click Go,
  • Unblock your favorite site through this proxy.

  • Why use unblock proxy?

  • To unblock blocked sites for legal educational purposes,
  • Explore your Favorite social site,
  • Change your IP address,
  • Hide your online identity

  • Unblock YouTube

    Unblock YouTube To unblock YouTube video sharing site follow the procedure given below :
  • Go above,
  • Click on box,
  • Type YouTube.com,
  • Click on "Go",
  • YouTube is opened, enjoy free surfing.

  • Unblock Facebook

    To unblock Facebook, follow the procedure given below ;
    Go above,
  • Type Facebook.com,
  • Click Go,
  • Facebook is opened, use it for free. Remember this proxy open m.Facebook.com, instead of Facebook.com, so Facebook will not be able to block you.

  • Unblock School proxy

    You can also unblock blocked sites in school, through this proxy, to unblock any blocked site like Facebook and YouTube, go above type URL like Facebook.com and click on Go, your blocked site is opened, use it free in school.

    Unblock Proxy sites

    If you want to use other proxy sites, then this list can help you :
  • Hiload.org,
  • Freeproxy.pk,
  • YouTubeproxy.pk,
  • Q22w.com,
  • 12345proxy.com,
  • Proxy.org,
  • Hiload.pk,
  • Freeproxy.com,
  • YouTubeproxy.com,
  • Yunblock.com,
  • Unblock-proxy.com,
  • Unblockproxy.pk,
  • Unblockyoutube.com.pk
  • Unblockaproxy.com,
  • Youtubeproxy.pk

  • Unblock proxy server

    Following are free servers to unblock All blocked sites for free ;
  • Newipnow.com,
  • Hidemyass.com,
  • Vtunnel.com,
  • Aunblock.com