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Free BlewPass web proxy

Unblock all the blocked sites through Blewpass web proxy, This is a free web based proxy site helps you to bypass internet filters and firewall imposed by government, schools or by work place managers, so you can open all the blocked sites anonymously and freely with blewpass, They have updated proxy script powered by 4everproxy network, which enables you to watch all videos through any video site, including HTML5 videos sites. You can use Blewpass proxy on mobile, Tablet or on any other device, it works well for all devices and can play videos on all devices. They have powerful security system providing you random IP addresses, which make you anonymous over internet. Blewpass is well designed website providing full control over blocked sites, it is helpful when you are using internet anonymously, watching videos from YouTube or using Facebook, where your personal information is might be at risk.

How i use Blewpass proxy for free?

Blewpass proxy is free for every one, you can use it anywhere in world, to use blewpass proxy free for legal purposes follow this procedure :
  • Go to Blewpass.com.
  • Go down by scrolling your mouse,
  • Here you will find a box,
  • Enter your URL,
  • Now click on "Go to this site",
  • Your blocked site is opened, surf it anonymously. 

  • Advantages of using Blewpass proxy

  • Free proxy for life time usage.
  • Unlimited access to blocked sites.
  • Can play variety of videos.
  • Free and easy access.
  • Neat and clean view.
  • Fast server speed.
  • High speed response rate.
  • Give control over blocked site.
  • Blewpass is reliable for office or for general work.

  • Security, Freedom and Control

    Blewpass provide unbeatable security, they hide your real IP address and mask it with fake IP address, they have automatic random IP rotation, so after a specific time your IP is changed, they make you anonymous over internet. Blewpass provide freedom to all blocked sites for legal educational purposes, they provide unlimited free access to blocked site. You have full control over blocked site you can encrypt page, remove objects and cookies, change your user agent an lot of more control, so this is a best proxy site for all offices or for general use.

    Complete details and statics about Blewpass 

    Blewpass is a free web based proxy site powered by 4everproxy network, provide unlimited free access to blocked sites, it is ad supported site. According to alexa this site ranked #   145,045 in world, nearly one lac people use this site every month, its estimated worth is 20000$ US, The page rank of Blewpass if 4 out of ten.
    Blewpass.com IP address :
    Blewpass hosting location : United States
    Age : 3 years