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YouTube Fast proxy server - Free fast bufffring

Many proxies provide free access to YouTube which have low buffering speed, but here we are going to share a server which have very fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. This is free fast proxy site server that provide access to all blocked content. Many people on internet are using YouTube through proxies but they have problem in loading speed, that video load with very low speed, and in web based proxies there is no way to move the video to requested time up till buffering completed, so here i am telling you a trick to increase buffering speed and watch a video from your required time.

Fast way to watch YouTube videos

A free simple and fast method to watch YouTube videos with fast speed and easy way to move video to specific without waiting for complete buffering. If YouTube is blocked in your locale then you are probably using it with web based proxy servers but they have low speed and take a lot of time in loading videos, and if you want to move video to your required time then this is not possible and you have to wait for buffering and after buffering you can move video to your requested time, if this is your problem and you want to solve it then the simple method to increase speed is of using VPN.

Use Free VPN

VPN means Virtual private network, VPN work in same way like that of web based proxies but only difference is that they are software, and you do not need to go to specific site for unblocking, they work from your home root and gives you complete free access, you generally need to pay for them but some VPN use advertising revenue and in this way they gives you free VPN, means you have ads in your browsing, the advantage of using them is that, that you can move your video to specific time and they have fast speed. There are hundred thousands of free and paid VPN, and one of famous free VPN is Hotspot shield.


Use Hotspot shield

Hotspot shield provide free and paid VPN, in free version there are ads during browsing, but in paid version there are many features, you can use hotspot to increase your video watching speed, to use hotspot shield given below :

  • Download Hotspot shield from this link,
  • Install it simply,
  • Run it,
  • Connect it, as shown in image,
  • After it show "Connected" , open YouTube in browser (if YouTube is blocked, it will open itself),
  • Watch videos with full speed, and move them wherever you want.

    Using Web based proxies

    If you are using YouTube in school, office or at work place and you can not install Hotspot shield at that place then you can use web based proxies, there are hundred thousands of free proxies but much of them have low speed, so here i am sharing best proxy sites which are hosted on dedicated servers and have good and fast speed with high speed server response, use them to watch YouTube videos with fast speed, these sites have fast speed so have fast buffering but most of them are unable to move video to specific time.

  • Hiload.org ; A super fast web based proxy that can be used to watch YouTube videos with high speed.
  • 12345.com : A group of proxy network, hosted on dedicated servers gives you complete fast free access to blocked sites.
  • Q22w.com : US based proxy server help you to increase YouTube buffering speed.
  • Hidemyass.com : A multi proxy site with high speed fast servers.

    Use these above site to watch YouTube videos with fast speed, they are fast and good enough to give you high speed, there are many more high speed proxies, you can read about them on this proxy blog. Hope you like this post and info shared here, share this on social media and be updated with our proxy blog.

    Remember that use of this info and site is just for educational purpose only.