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Best Fast Proxy sites For school to open all blocked sites in school

These are best free proxies that you can use in school, college or hostel to unblock all blocked sites anonymously and your admin can not know about it, that you are unblocking websites. These are fresh new proxies which are not blocked by any scool and they have fast speed without bandwidth restrictions. You can use them to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, Myspace or any other site which you like for all of your legal use, so just check them and see which best suites you.


School-proxy.org is specially designed school proxy that will help you to unblock all sites in school/college with fast speed without risk of any one action. This is highly anonymous proxy that will fulfill all your needs in school.
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Proxy hide is free proxy for hiding what you are browsing, no one can track nor can steal your data, You can use this proxy with SSL for better security and performance.
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Unblock Facebook School Proxies

Below is the list of proxies that can be used to unblock Facebook at school with fast speed, by using these proxies no one can track your password, nor know about your data, as these proxies are protected by super security socket layer.
  • Zalmos.com
  • Hiload.org
  • proxy.com
  • Facebookoxy.com
  • 12345proxy.com
  • Unblockedfacebook.net

Unblock YouTube School Proxies

If YouTube is blocked in your school or college and you want to want to watch videos on it, then these are best fast free proxies where you can watch video in HD quality, some of free YouTube sites are given below:
  • Youproxytube.com
  • 4everproxy.com
  • Youtubeproxy.org
  • Youtubefreeproxy.com

Other General Proxies for exploring blocked sites in school

These are other free proxies that can be used to unblock all blocked sites in school like Myspace, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook and other social sites.
  • Hiload.org
  • 4everproxy.com
  • Anonymouse.org
  • Zalmos.com
  • 12345proxy.com
  • Blewpass.com
  • Xroxy.com
  • Ninjacloak.com
  • Zend2.com
  • Boomproxy.com
  • Kproxy.com
  • Newipnow.com
  • Zfreez.com
These sites are extremely helpful when you have to unblock Facebook, YouTube or any other legal blocked site in school. Use these proxies for all of your legal and educational purposes and remember that some schools have watch, which mean they have full control on your PC and can see things live on your IP, so be careful and always use for legals, if you like this post, share it with friends and keep coming for latest content.