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Free Kproxy Proxy - Kproxy.com review

Kproxy is free web based proxy that can be used to unblock all blocked sites easily for free, kproxy daily help millions of people to safe their online privacy and give access to blocked sites, kproxy.com is one of most famous web based anonymous proxy on Internet with many options for your security and unblocking, kproxy can fulfill your all need of proxy server giving you access from 40 remote places by hiding your IP address, read this kproxy.com full review to know this proxy offers you.

Kproxy.com Full Review

Kproxy.com offers you free web based proxy with premium window based proxy. They have more then forty server worldwide from where you browse, there are two ways to use this proxy either by web based proxy or by window software, this service is started in 2005 and now it is known worldwide by millions of people, people from all over the world trust this proxy for all of their needs, you can get more about each product below:
  • Web based Proxy
  • Window version software

Web Based Proxy

Kproxy.com online version is simplest and easiest way for unblocking of all blocked sites, you can use it for free, just go to site, enter blocked site URL in provided box and click on GO, your blocked website will be opened and it is encrypted through SSL, so no one can track you. Kproxy try to protect your privacy by hiding your IP address and encrypting content in SSl.

Benefits of free version

  • Easy, Free and Fast web based proxy for unblocking of blocked sites.
  • Hide your real IP address and mask it with fake one.
  • Protect your Privacy by hiding your IP address.
  • Open all type of blocked sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, which many other proxy not.
  • Easy and simplest to use.

Drawback of free version

Free version is good, simple and easy to use but drawback is that this proxy shows ads in right side of browser, which annoy you during browsing but paid version doesn't have, its not a such issue because they need money for maintaining there free version and they do it by showing ads.

Paid Version Kproxy Agent

There is paid version of kproxy.com which give you everything that you want, like secure browsing, website unblocking and encryption, it have relatively less cost than other companies with all features, Paid agent is a portable software which mean you don't have to install it for using, just buy it and use it simply, it is not VPN, all connections are taken simply with secure connection (HTTPS) and your ISP don't know that you are using any VPN or proxy, also it hide your IP address and give your access from 40 servers and everything you want.

Use kproxy agent

Kproxy agent use is very simple, just buy and than download it, after downloading use its portable version and choose your location after locating your location, go to Google chrome and visit blocked sites with complete security, it only work on chrome.

Features of paid version agent

  • Fast speed with parallel downloads.
  • No bandwidth restrictions.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • No Ads during browsing.
  • Low coast and use effective.
  • Best performance with premium servers.
  • Highly secured.
  • Portable easy use.
  • Hide your real IP address.
 You can also use paid version for free, just download and use it, but it will be with Ads and have less features. Software version is available for many platforms like window, Linux,..etc

Free Version Vs Paid Version

 Features comparison in Free and paid version, see which version best suites you.
Features Free Version Paid version
Speed Fast speed Full Speed
Security High - SSL secured High - Secured
Ads Annoying Ads No Ads
Servers Public servers - 10 Premium servers - 40
Server load Loaded Never over load
Downloads Not Allowed Allowed - parallel
Performance Good Ecellent
Anonymous Anonymous browsing Highly anonymous
Use Unlimited free Unlimited paid