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Unblock and Download Torrent Files through Proxies

Unblock all torrents and download stuff with very fast speed using best free torrentz.eu proxy, all we know that many governments have blocked our freedom to explore content we want like torrentz.eu, but here is simple bypass for you without naughty ads, using our fastest web based proxy, you can visit every torrent site, plus you can download all torrent files with fast speed, as you did simply, there is no restrictions or bandwidth limits for you, You can download free as much as you like, so lets start reading next.

How to open blocked torrents sites for downloading stuff?

Torrent sites provide easy way to download large files easily and simply for free, but blocking of torrent in many countries are problematic an when you use proxies, your speed and bandwidth are limited, so i think i should write an easy way for opening and for legal use, some of easy and simple way of using torrents sites are given below :

Use IP Proxies

IP proxies maintain your downloading speed and are almost free, you can use IP of any country where torrent is not blocked, many sites on internet are providing latest updated list of proxies, you can also get latest IP proxies and their usage methods on this blog, explore this blog to find them.


VPN provide easiest and simplest way of opening blocked sites and are best for torrents to download large stuff with fast speed, there are thousands of VPN, most of them are free but have limited usage and speed and if you need fast access without restrictions, then you have to buy one, best VPNs are Hotspot shield, Ghoost VPN,..etc

Use Web based proxies

Using web based proxies are more simple and easy, but may have downloading problem in client software, not in all, some web based proxies alter download link and make it available for download through proxy server, using this type of proxies are helpful for downloading larger stuff, famous proxy for torrent is piratebay proxy.

Resources for Torrent usage and Downloading

IP Proxy list

These proxies are helpful for exploring and downloading torrents :

Best VPNs for use

There are hundred thousands of VPN, but only few are helpful and useful, they are :
  1. Hotspot Shield,
  2. Ghost VPN,
  3. Pak VPN
  4. Hidemyass VPN

Web Based Free Torrent Proxies

These are famous web based proxies for torrents downloading, use one which best suite your needs.
  • Priatebayproxy.com
  • Hiload.org
  • Proxybay.com
  • 4everproxy.com
  • 12345proxy.com

Best Free Torrents

These are best free torrents for legal use, you can upload your files and can download them thousands of times, also share files online with others :
  • Kat.ph
  • kickass.to
  • Limetorrents.com
  • 1337x.com
  • Torrentz.eu
Hope this article helped you to unblock your favorite sites easily, these are fast, simple and easy methods for using torrent sites where ever they are blocked, according to some people these sites are blocked in UK, US and some other countries, remember that these proxies are not for breaking law, you should strictly follow your country law, this article is just for legal use. Now explore your favorite torrent and start downloading.

This article is just for legal use and for educational purposes, illegal and mis-use is strictly prohibited, also downloading illegal content is not allowed.