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Free VPN service with Free Download - Open Blocked sites

There are hundred thousands of free VPN but most of them have low speed and connectivity issues but here we will share best VPN service provider having Fast speed and are free which won't cost you a single dollar, finding Free VPN with good speed and without problem is difficult task, so here we will post some best free one's, we have tested before, which will help you to open all blocked sites with fast speed and give you security by hiding your IP.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private Networks, in general VPN is a computer software which provide access to blocked sites with security, they do this by changing content path, instead of direct browsing VPN first load content on respective server and then return back to user through hidden URL/IPs in encrypted form, some VPN change DNS setting which provide DNS look up through their servers instead of ISP servers.

Why VPN service provider charge money?

Many VPN provider charge money because they need money to run their servers and manage their setup, for instance this is a small business for web developers to earn money.

Then Why some VPNs are Free?

Yes some VPN are free as they fulfill their money needs by showing ads in browser or installing some sponsored programs on your computer.

Why Free VPNs are slow and have connectivity issues?

Most of free VPNs are slow and have connectivity issues but not all, the reason behind speed and connectivity issue is that, they have installed low grade servers and secondly number of users on free are high, that's why their are issues in free one's.

Is any Good VPN with fast Speed is Free?

Yes there are many which have fast speed and are free.

Good speed and Free, Why?

You may have question that why some good VPNs are free, then the answer is that, either they are provided by organizations or by VPN companies through their different schemes, some popular free VPN need donations to fulfill their needs.

Free VPN service provider having Fast Speed

Below given are VPNs that can be used as free without any coast and have good speed without connectivity issues.

Cyber Ghost VPN

Ghoost VPN is a best VPN that can be used as free or paid, Free version come with unlimited free browsing without ads, that can be used for varieties of purposes. Ghoost VPN make you ghoost and help you to surf anonymously with freedom, you can downlaod latest updated version of Ghoost version from their website.
Download Ghost VPN

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is another free software VPN like Cyber ghost but it is enriched with ads, yes there are thousands of ads in its free version which annoy you during browsing, but still Hotspot shield is a great solution for people to easily open all blocked sites with security, free version is good for general use, but it dose not open all types of websites, many websites are restricted in free version, still it have great options to control your browsing as you would like. You can download Hotspot Shield latest version from its native site, below is download link.
Download Hotspot Shield


Spotflux is a great free VPN with paid one providing fast free proxy to open blocked sites all over the world, You can use Spotflux for securing your browsing, protecting computer from viruses and for opening blocked sites, Your traffic is encrypted and is sent through SpotFlux cloud, Spotflux work great all over world except Pakistan, where ISP have also blocked it. SpotFlux is providing free unlimited browsing but its free version also have ads, but ads in Spotflux are comparatively less then ads in Hotspot shield. Spotflux can be used in areas, where security is demanded.
Download SpotFlux


Ultrasurf is a free VPN solution for everyone that help you to open blocked site with security and freedom, Ultrasurf focus on three things Freedom, Security and privacy, Ultrasurf in start was created for chines to give them complete freedom over internet censorship in china, but soon it got fame and become popular all over the world, now millions of people use ultrasurf for their need, it is one of trusted ad free Virtual private network, which have no bandwidth restriction.
Download Ultrasurf

Tunnel bear

Tunnel beat is paid VPN but it can be used as free without ads, its version is without ads but it is limited to 500 MB per month, but still you can get more bandwidth by participating in their promotional programs, VPN with limited bandwidth is still helpful because it is providing everything except bandwidth which premium user have.
Download Tunnel Bear

Which VPN should i Use?

Best VPN for general use is that one, which have no ads or very few and have high speed, so the one i found best for general use is "Cyber Ghost", You can choose one which you like most.

VPN Servers Location

Most of above service providers are providing VPN service from United states (US), United kingdom (UK) and from Canada (Ca), Some paid provide choice to choose server from variety of locations like Hidemyass Vpn.

Fastest VPN Service

Above mentioned VPNs are Free and are providing Fastest internet speed at no proce, but ads network may alter the speed of internet connection.

Best Paid VPNs

As above mentioned VPNs are providing good service in free version, so they will provide best service in paid version.

For what purposes we can use these Free VPN?

  • You can use VPN as proxy to open blocked sites for all legal purposes.
  • You can use VPN to hide your IP address.
  • These encrypt page, so no one can see whats you are browsing.
  • These increase your security and make sure your privacy is safe by hiding ads and removing cookies.
  • You can also use to download legal files from torrent.
  • By using VPN your data is saved and no one can hack them easily.