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Free way to open blocked sites in UAE - Unblock United arab emirates proxy

 Are good sites are blocked in UAE and you want to unblock them, then there is best free solution for you to open blocked sites in UAE with fast speed using proxy, VPN and software. We all know that many good sites and apps are blocked in United Arab Emirates an we want to unblock them for free, so i write this post to tell you easy and free method to access all blocked content in united Arab emirates.

How to unblock sites in UAE?

To unblock blocked sites in United arab emirates, you have to use third party to access blocked content, you can use 3rd party in three ways.
  • Web Based Proxies
  • VPN Softwares
  • IP Port proxies

 Web Based Proxy

Using Web based proxy is very simple and you can use them for free to unblock every type of website, by using web based proxies you are using that website as a user of another country from which the proxy is and in this way, you can unblock all blocked sites and your ISP cannot track you nor can block you, some best free proxies are given below that can unblock UAE blocked websites, remember that you are using all of this for legal purposes only.

Proxy Websites

These are fast, free web based proxy websites that are helpful for unblocking of every type of website.
  • Proxyserver.pk
  • Hiload.org
  • Zalmos.com
  • Anonymouse.org
  • unblockproxy.com
  • 12345proxy.com

Unblock Using these proxies

If you want to unblock blocked sites using these proxies, then follow the procedure given below:
  1. Open one of above proxy,
  2. Wait for site to open,
  3. After sites open, find a box where you have to write URL,
  4. Now enter the URL of blocked sites and click on "GO".

Use VPN Software

VPN stands for virtual private network, VPN is a software that can be installed in computer to unblock all blocked sites, apps and VoIP through third party service, By using Vpn you don't have to go to proxy website for opening blocked sites, you have full freedom from your desktop, you do not need to go to proxy website again and again but all VPN are not free, good VPN cost some price.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

You may wonder that some Vpn cost money while other are free, the reason behind is that, free Vpn fulfill their money needs by showing ads in your browser and paid ads Vpn do not have ads, plus free vpn are mostly slow and have limited bandwidth but paid are fast and without bandwidth restrictions.

Best Free VPN software

These are best free VPN having good speed and are without bandwidth restrictions.
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Cyber Ghost VPN
  • Pak VPN

Paid Best VPN software

These are best paid VPN with fast speed and without bandwidth restrictions, each of them provide free security to unblock blocked sites.
  • Hide my ass VPN
  • Cyber Ghost VPN
You can get more info and download link of these VPN on Google.

IP Port Proxies

Adding IP Port proxies to your browser and using them is another free way to open blocked site with fast speed, they keep you anonymous and no one can track you, you can get latest updated IP Port proxies and procedure of using them at this page.

Other methods to open blocked sites easily

Some other free and easy methods of openi ng blocked sites are following :
  • Change DNS address
  • Use Extensions in browsers

Change DNS Address

DNS stands for Domain name server, DNS help you to open sites and tell you where they are located, when any site is blocked in your country, your country DNS is restricted to open that site, so if you change DNS address to another one, you can open blocked sites and can use every type of voips like vider.

Change your DNS

To change your DNS, open internet settings and then go to DNS tab, in DNS tab add these DNS address of Google,

After adding these address you can open blocked sites.

Browser extensions for opening blocked sites

There are hundred of free browser extensions, that can be used to open blocked sites with fast speed, without using proxy websites, some famous extensions re given below, you can get their download link and more information on Google.
The above mentioned ways can help you to open blocked sites and to access restricted content or to view content which was only available for specific country, these are best and free method that are best when you want to open legal blocked sites or you want security for your browser, you can use these methods to do everything legal, these methods shown here are just for legal and for educational purpose, like if YouTube is blocked and you want to open it for study purpose, then it is allowed, otherwise illegal use is strictly prohibited, thanks for visiting our blog, keep visiting site to get latest tips and tricks for your internet security and browsing.