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Unblock YouTube in Pakistan - Free YouTube Proxy Unblock

Now you can easily unblock YouTube in Pakistan with fast speed and free access without proxy software easily, just follow this procedure given in this post to unblock YouTube. YouTube video sharing popular site is blocked in Pakistan in 2012 and after that up till it was not opened and nor any step was taken to unblock it, many other video sites are opened in Pakistan which take place of YouTube but no one can take its place because of its content, so here in this post, i am showing you simplest and easiest way to unblock YouTube easily with fast speed and without buffering problem.

Unblock YouTube in Pakistan 

These are few easy methods by using which you can unblock YouTube in Pakistan for all of your legal and educational purposes.

1 - Use Web based Proxies

Using web based proxies for opening YouTube is quite simple, easy and free, you can unblock YouTube as easily as you are opening any other site. By using web based proxies you are anonymous and no one can track you. Web based proxies easily bypass restrictions taken by ISP and using them is simple as they are,  just use any Good proxy like zalmos.com and open all blocked YouTube videos easily.


Open Zalmos.com and enter YouTube.com in provided box and than press Enter, YouTube will be opened and there is are no ads in browsing, enjoy it freely and easily.

 2- Use Extensions for Browsers

There are some extensions for chrome, firefox and opera, that can be intsalled in browser and they will easily unblock all blocked sites with fast speed without annoying ads, so try any free one for YouTube like Zen mate for Google chrome. 

 3 - Use Free VPN

There are many free VPN that can be used easily to unblock YouTube, Facebook and many other legal blocked sites, You can download one of free VPN and can install it in your computer, after that it will easily unblock blocked sites and you can watch YouTube videos.

Free VPN

  • Some of best free VPN are:
  • SpotFlux
  • Hotspot shield

4 - Use IP Port Proxies

Using IP port proxies are not easy and simple for every one, but they can also unblock YouTube every where in world, just find some good updated IP port proxies and then install any good one in your browser, after that your browser will automatically use that IP and blocked sites will be opened.

These are easy methods that will surely help you to unblock your favorite sites, so use them for all of your legal purposes and remember that if you will misuse these method and will be known-ed by PTA and you can be in jail for all of your misleading action, so always use these methods for your legal and educational purposes.