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Unblock YouTube Proxy - Youtube.com Best Video Proxy

Unblock YouTube.com with fast speed, this is best free YouTube proxy to watch videos with fast HD streaming without buffering, we all know that famous video sharing site YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and in several other countries, but use of this site is not limited to fun videos, here we have millions of videos among which educational videos are very important for students, so this proxy is specially designed for people, who want to unblock YouTube for educational purposes.

About YouTube.com

YouTube.com is a famous video sharing site created by three former paypal employes in 2005, later in 2006 it was bought by Google. On YouTube user can Upload videos they have created their self, and can share them with millions of people, the basic concept between uploading videos on YouTube is of earning money, when users upload videos to YouTube.com, there is option about advertising, in which they can participate, after participation they will earn for every view, this is main concept and reason for peoples to upload videos on YouTube, this easy sharing allow thousands of video producers to earn money online easily. YouTube is owned and managed by Google, its main server are located in US with millions of gigabyte hard disks.

YouTube is Blocked

YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and in some other countries since 2011, there are religious reasons behind the blocking, On YouTube a film against the idea of Islam was uploaded by US producers and Muslims all over the world seriously resist against the uploading of this video and majority of Muslim countries blocked YouTube.com, these countries include Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait,..etc, However some countries unblocked YouTube and just only blocked that video, but in Pakistan YouTube.com was still blocked by Government and still waiting for removal of that video, according to owners they will not delete this video, as it is against their polices, several cases are discussed for opening of YouTube but all ended response less, some cases on this issue are still under discussion and their seems no chance for YouTube opening, According to Pakistani government IT management authority, they will block Google too, if they have mis behaved on this issue, these talks are fruitless, but as we all know YouTube is best website for learning purpose, so many of Pakistani student need it for their study, but due to blockage they cant access it.

Unblock YouTube

After blocking of YouTube, there come several techniques in market to unblock YouTube, Pakistani developer started their own video site named "Tune.pk", this is also a good video sharing site, but still lack content, they fetch many videos from YouTube.com through extensions they have created for their users, Pakistani student created some software for usage of YouTube for educational purposes, Pakistani software developers developed a VPN name as "Pak VPN", and many web developer started web based proxies, the purposes behind usage of YouTube in this way is just for educational purposes, to fulfill all educational needs.

How i unblock YouTube?

There are several ways to unblock YouTube but most of these methods have different types of issues like speed issues, bandwidth issues,..etc, but i will share some working tips to unblock YouTube.com with fast speed without restrictions.

Web Based Proxies

The easiest way to unblock YouTube in Pakistan and in all other countries is of using web based proxies, Web based proxies provide easiest and simplest way of unblocking YouTube and all the process seem simple, Web based proxies take your request for website and fetch it through their server instead of direct browsing you are browsing indirectly, first your request is sent to server, then server send this request to website you want to open, and after that server sent back data it fetched from website server, and in this way blocked websites are opened, this is simple for us but is long way process, like a longer path, due to this reason these proxies fail to provide speed you need, but still good for general usage, always prefer good and new proxy or a famous one, proxies which use dedicated servers provide higher browsing speed, so here i shared few famous proxy sites with dedicated servers, you can use them for all of you general needs.
  • Hiload.org
  • 12345Proxy.com
  • 4everproxy.com
  • www.unblockproxy.us
  • www.unblockyoutube.co.uk
  • Proxyserver.pk

VPN YouTube Proxy

VPN means virtual private network, VPN is a good solution for unblocking of YouTube, but it cost something, for good VPNs you have to pay although there are some free VPNs, but most of free VPNs are ad supported which bore you during browsing, VPNs work in same way as web based proxy does, but difference is that, Web based proxy require a website through which you browse, but VPN does not need any website opening, VPN is small software which do it all simply, some famous VPNs are given below, you an use one VPN at a time :
  • Hotspot Shield,
  • SpotFlux
  • Pak VPN,
  • Hidemyass VPN
These both methods are easy and simple, still there are some other methods, which can help you to unblock YouTube, other methods include IP usage, DNS usage,..etc, but above mentioned ways are simple and can easily be used.
YouTube is best video site although but still some videos on YouTube are against Islam, Muslims and against many other religions as well, YouTube is a Type of Social media which if used postively can bring great changes in life of people, YouTube should consider religious faith for its more success, there are thousands of other video sites but producers have no reason to upload videos to them, as YouTube fulfill their all needs.
Hope you have got something from above discussion as no one is against YouTube, just people are against videos they don't like and don't want to see, if YouTube consider these polices there will be more success for him, but as here our topic is concerned about YouTube Proxy, so above mentioned ways can help you to unblock YouTube.