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Open all blocked websites with very fast speed using Zalmos best free proxy, the best free trick to unblock YouTube and all other blocked sites with very fast speed. Zalmos.com is one of most famous web based proxy that help you to open blocked websites with high speed like YouTube, which is blocked in many countries, while surfing through zalmos there are no popup ads and is simple and easy for use, without bandwidth restrictions.

Zalmos.com Proxy

Zalmos.com is France based specially designed web based proxy in its beta version providing fast free web based proxy for all blocked sites, you can use this proxy to unblock all websites that are blocked by your internet service provider or by your government. In 175 countries out of 220 countries many sites are blocked so they need a proxy and best proxy which i found on internet was zalmos proxy, this is best proxy and reason for being best is that it provide unlimited free browsing without ads and without interruption of being redirected, so you can explore every thing without being bored as a normal internet connection, most proxies have ads and they redirect you to main page of site after browsing few pages, so that's become a big problem but at zalmos you are protected from all these problems.

How to use zalmos web based proxy for general needs?

Using Zalmos.com is simple and easy, you have to just enter blocked site URL in provided box and have to press Enter, if you are facing any problem then below guide will help you, Follow the procedure given below.
  1. Open Zalmos.com,
  2. Enter Your Blocked site URL in provided box,
  3. Press "Enter" or click on "Click Me",
  4. Your Blocked website is opened, Surf it freely.

Features of Zalmos Proxy

Following are the major Zalmos Proxy features :

Unblock Any Website

Many websites are blocked on internet by Government so you can use Zalmos.com web proxy, which act as middle man between you and website and no barrier can stop you from accessing blocked sites while you are using zalmos.com like YouTube.com, Facebook.com,..etc

Anonymous Browsing

Zalmos.com provide anonymous browsing, so no one can track your online activity and no one can check what you are doing online, Privacy is given first priority by Zalmos proxy.

Secure browsing

Zalmos.com secure your browsing through SSL, Free SSL ensure your security by encrypting page, you can login and can upload your personal information online and no one can get those information as accessing encrypted data is very difficult.

Why use Zalmos web proxy?

  • This Proxy is completely free without restrictions.
  • High speed browsing with fast response.
  • No pop up ads, Ad free browsing.
  • Dedicated proxy server help you to surf with fast speed.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • SSL support ensure your security.
  • Specially designed for YouTube, Facebook and other blocked sites.

For what purposes can i use Zalmos?

You can use Zalmos proxy for following purposes :
  • Secure your identity and online browsing.
  • To open legal blocked sites for educational purposes.
  • Protect computer from viruses.

Zalmous Usage

Zalmos help to open blocked websites in various way but it is famously used for opening following blocked websites:
  • YouTube: For watching online videos.
  • Facebook: To use facebook easily where it is blocked.
  • Google:Zalmos is Google proxy, which help you to open Google with fast speed.
  • Twitter: Some people also use twitter using this proxy for better security.

Major countries using Zalmos

Some major countries where many sites are blocked and they are using zalmos are given below :
Pakistan, China, Iran, United states, United kingdom, Malaysia, Sudan,..etc

Zalmos DNS Proxy Service

Zalmos proxy provide free DNS server for you to surf freely without ads with complete freedom, using DNS server you don't have to go to zalmos.com again and again and you can surf easily through your desktop.

Features of DNS usage

  • Unlimited free browsing with complete freedom.
  • Supported with Adblock plus that help you to easily browse without Ads.
  • Easy and Free for use.

How to use DNS Proxy server?

You can use zalmos.com DNS proxy server easily with following method:
For IPV4 users configure your DNS in internet setting for following DNS and as your DNS Servers.

Alternatives of Zalmos.com
There are several alternatives  of Zalmos.com, whch you can used to unblock all legal blocked sites:
  • 12345proxy.info
  • Anonymous.org
  • 12345proxy.com
  • Hiload.org
  • Freeproxy.org
  • Youtubeproxy.pk
  • Youtubeproxy.co.uk
  • 4everproxy.com
  • Blewpass.com

Complete Details about Zalmos.com

Domain name: Zalmos.com
Website IP address:
Location: France
Website Rank: 13000
Daily revenue: 500$ +
Purchase value: 200, 206 $
Age: 2 Years
Visitors: Fr, PK, US, UK, CA,..etc
Zalmos.com provide free and Good web based proxy at no coast, you can use this free web based proxy to open all blocked sites, that are blocked in your area or country, but use of this proxy must be for legal or for educational purposes. Hope you will like this proxy server, if you like it than must share this article with your friends so they get complete info about zalmos proxy. Thanks for visting, keep exploring for more fast and freee web based proxies.