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Top India Free Proxy servers List - Facebook Proxies

The list of best India proxy servers that will help you to unblock Facebook and other blocked sites for legal purposes, using these proxies you are anonymous and no one can known about your online activity, these proxies will automatically hide your IP address and are best free proxies for India  users.

These are fast Indian proxies that can help you to unblock all blocked sites with fast speed like Facebook and YouTube, its better to use the web based proxies instead of VPN which coast you money. They hide your IP address and are completely free, these proxies are hosted on dedicated servers, so giving you fast access to your required sites with fast speed, while browsing through these proxies you are anonymous and no one can track your online presence, i have searched and collected these web based proxies for you, you should use them for legal needs only, they are.

List of Indian  Proxy websites

  • Hiload.org
  • Anonymouse.org
  • Anonymouswebproxy.us
  • Incloack.com
  • Zalmos.com
  • Unblock.in
  • Proxy.in
  • Facebookproxy.in

List of IP Port proxies

These are fast Indian port proxies for fast web browsing in India, you can use them freely and easily:     3128     3128    9064    80     3128    80    3128    8080     80