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Blewpass Unblock Proxy

Blewpass is Free Web Based Proxy that can be used to unblock all blocked sites simply with very fast speed, Blew pass is maintained and organized by 4everproxy network, which have many other famous proxy sites like 4everproxy.com. Blewpass daily help hundred thousands of people to defend anti censorship in many countries like in Pakistan, where people unblock YouTube using blewpass.

This proxy have many features like bypassing filters in school, colleges & universities, using safe anonymous internet, IP hide and many more features, blew pass is famous for unblocking YouTube because it is compatible with all YouTube videos, as it can play YouTube HTML5 & Flash videos easily

How to use this proxy service?

Using this proxy is simple and easy, just 2 step to open site, follow me:
  1. Open Blewpass.com
  2. Go down and enter blocked URL in provided box and click on Go to open blocked site.

Use in one step

If you want to open blocked site like YouTube and Facebook, then use ust one step, go down and enter blocked site in provided box and click on Go to open.

Features of this proxy

This proxy have thousands of free features, that will make you feel, what you want:
  • Its completely free to browse any site through this proxy.
  • It is completely anonymous, as 4everproxy service promise with you, they donot keep any log files.
  • Browsing through with them is easy and simple as 123.
  • Its fast with no bandwidth restrictions.
  • Here you can feel power of dedicated servers of proxy.
  • It will make you anonymous online by hiding your IP address from hackers, trackers, logs and from webmasters.
  • You have more control on your browsing then that of simple use

Unblock through Blewpass Web Proxy

Blewpass proxy is so simple that every kid can use it and can access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,..etc. Blewpass is fast and secure having secure socket layer (SSL), which ensure your security and privacy, the purpose of this proxy is to defend censorship in school, colleges and hostels, you can use it simply for all of your legal purposes.