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How to Hide IP Address - Tricks For hiding IP Address Anonymously

These are Instructions about hiding the public IP address of your router or PC by masking fake IP, so you can surf anonymously and can protect your online identity from trackers and hackers, All websites keep log of IPs people visit and upon any problem then can show it to any one, plus many website owner sells static IP Logs, as people using these IP address have special interests. ISP also keep log of websites you visit from your IP address and can track your online presence with sites you are visiting, so hiding your IP address is a best solution to protect your online presence, there are several ways to protect your IP address, some of them are given below.

Why People Hide Online IP address?

There are several reasons to hide your static IP address, like
  • Protection from Hackers and Trackers,
  • For increasing security,
  • Hide Geographic Location,
  • Bypass sites that ban your IP,
  • Removing your digital footprint.

How to Hide Your Real IP address?

There are several ways to hide Internet protocol (IP) address, but here i will tell you the ways which are most practicable and are easy to use, so let's follow me for anonymous browsing.

1- Use Special software for online Protection

You should use specially designed IP hiding software's to protect your online data and IP address with high class security, here i will tell you the one most famous and free software for this purposes and that software is:


Tor is free anonymous surfing software made by volunteers from around the world, it is most easy way to protect your online browsing from agencies, governments and ISPs, this specially designed software will also hide your real IP address. Tor is famous and use by millions of people worldwide and it is updated with time to time for high-class security use. You can download tor from this link, its easy and simple to use Tor and is also available for Mac too.

2- Use Virtual Private Networks

VPN or virtual private network provide best way to hide your IP address from everyone, VPN mask your IP address with fake one and get you remote access from several locations, there are thousands of free and paid VPN, but you should try trusted VPN which uses high encryption for better security and hiding of IP address, Some free VPN are given below.

3- Use Web Based Proxies

Using web based proxies is easiest way of hiding IP address and defeating with internet censorship, Web-based proxies are helpful when you are hiding IP address from specific site or hiding a specific website from trackers, although web proxies does not provide security like VPN but still they are good for hiding IP address from webmasters and trackers.
There are many free web-based proxies, some are fast while other are slow, here we have collected some best and famous web proxies that are helpful for hiding IP address.

4- Simple and Easy way

If you are hiding IP address for anonymous surfing or you are banned by any site/form, then simple way to hide IP from that site is using another Wi-Fi, just leave your home and try Wi-Fi of your neighbors, and if you want to hide your online identity than simply go to any coffee shop or restaurant and do what you want with extra IP, remember that your IP doesn't travel with you.

Other ways to Hide IP address

These are some other ways for hiding IP address, i am not going in depth for these, but you can also use them if any other method not fit you, these are:
  • Use Dynamic IP router or network, so that changing IP address not become problem.
  • Use browser extensions, like Zenmate for chrome for hiding IP address.
  • Use IP:Port proxies for hiding your geographic location and IP address.