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How to use Zalmos Proxy to Unblock YouTube?

Zalmos is best free proxy server to open blocked sites easily and simply with fast speed, while browsing through zalmos you are anonymous, no one can track your online activity nor can find your IP address. Basically Zalmos is France based web proxy service which is commonly used in Pakistan, France and china, its ease and simplicity make it easier for every one to surf and unblock very easily, the power of their dedicated servers are enough to handle thousands of requests in single seconds, this proxy is used by more then 10 lac people per month, here we will review of whats good and bad in this proxy & will also give your opportunity to surf directly from here.

How to use Zalmos Web Based Proxy?

To easy and simple the process. we are going to past zalmos.com frame directly here, which will give access to zalmos proxy directly from here.
  1. Just Go Down,
  2. Enter blocked site URL in provided box,
  3. Click on Go,
  4. It will open proxy directly here, Enjoy using it.

What Zalmos Proxy offers you?

Zalmos proxy offers you many features without any cost, some of these features are discussed below:

Unblock Any Site

Zalmos web proxy gives you ability to unblock any blocked site in school, college or at home at very fast speed , this proxy act as middle men between you and website, instead of direct browsing you will browse through France serves. Zalmos proxy is Good choice for unblocking YouTube & Facebook.

Hide your IP address

While you are browsing through zalmos servers you are hidden and webmaster can't detect you, this proxy mask your IP with fake IP to give your secure online browsing which is helpful for people who have static IP address.

Secure online Browsing

Zalmos web proxy have high security type SSL which make you anonymous over the web, this ssl encrypt data sent between you and server to give better performance and security.

Anonymous Proxy service

Zalmos proxy is completely anonymous as it  browse you through through France based servers and mask your real IP with fake one to ensure your privacy and freedom over internet, privacy is important for zalmos, so it doesn't keep log of sites you visit, nor store your personal data on web.

Compatible Proxy

Zalmos.com is highly compatible proxy that help you to watch YouTube videos in HD quality & also help you to surf other sites simply like Facebook, twitter and torrent sites.

Zalmos Proxy Review

Zalmos is free web based proxy service create in 2012 having servers in France, this proxy service is fast and secure which daily help hundred thousands of people to defend censorship in many countries like in Pakistan, China, India,..etc, Zalmos have some good facts but it also have some bad things, so here we will see what good and bad in zalmos proxy.
Proxy Type: Glype
Speed: Fast
Ease Simple & Easy to use
Ads Yes
Pop up Ads No
Work Normal
Video sites Very few video sites work, like YouTube, Vimeo,..etc
Control No control over browsing & Cookies.
SSl Yes
Secure Highly Secure encrypted data
Hide IP True
Anonymous browsing True
Privacy Good

Details About Zalmos.com

IP address:
Country: France
Rank: 12,000
Creation Date: 2012
Registrar: Godaddy
Script: Glype
Loading: Fast

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