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Anonymouse Web Proxy - Best Alternatives to Anonymouse Proxy Service

Are you want Internet Security & Privacy for better browsing or want to unblock any blocked site easily, anonymouse web proxy is the best solution by using this online web proxy service you are completely anonymous thus no one can track your online activity that what are you doing online, there are thousands of other free web proxies but many of them have too many ads or have purpose of stealing people personal information, and thus we need a proxy site that is working only for privacy, so what I found is anonymouse.org, the true, fast and simple proxy that ensure you to keep your privacy, it was one of best active proxy since 2004 having many powerful servers.

How to use Anonymouse.org Web Proxy?

Using any web based proxy is always simple but not secure, so here I will tell you that how you can use anonymouse.org web proxy for your security, privacy and unblocking purpose. Let suppose if you want to unblock Wikipedia.org in your area, you have to follow this procedure:
  1. Open Anonymouse.org
  2. Here you will find option for language, choose your one, better is English,
  3. Now you will find an Address bar, here you have to enter address of site your want to visit, like Wikipedia.org,
  4. Now select option according to your need, they are optional, then just click on GO, your requested site will be open soon.

How does it work?

Anonymouse.org fetch your requested content through their proxy server, and you will browse through their proxy instead of direct browsing while browsing there proxy server your IP and location is hidden from web owners.

Features provided by Anonymouse Web Proxy

  • It provides completely anonymous web browsing experience.
  • Have a Good speed for general use.
  • Security and privacy protection.
  • Hide your Real IP.
  • Trusted worldwide.
  • Easy and do not have too many ads.

Our Review of Anonymouse.org

What's Good in this proxy?

This is the world most trusted web proxy service as it was working since 2004 and have a large number of users worldwide, it ensure your security, freedom and privacy and help you to surf freely.

What bad in this proxy?

There are some pop Ads while you are browsing, as this is free proxy they need some money to manage their service, another thing is speed, their speed is good but some time website load slowly

Alternatives to this proxy