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Don't filter web proxy to bypass filters

Dont Filter is Free US Web proxy that helps people to bypass filters created by network administrators and Governments, using Don'tfilter.us helps you to unblock all legal blocked sites easily, using Don't Filter web proxy is easy, simple, free and fastin this guide i will help you to get more information about this proxy and its us.

Don'tFilter.us is US Glype web based proxy that daily helps thousands of people to hide their online identity from thefts, hackers and trackers, its free and faster then other proxies you are using, it do not have any popup ads in browser version for faster using, while browsing through Don'tFilter.US you are anonymous and safe no one can track your online presence nor can block you from browsing any site, you can use this proxy for secure browsing and easy navigation.

How to Bypass Filters?

Using this proxy is very simple and easy, just follow these 123 steps for fast browsing:
  1. Open Don'tfilter.us in browser,
  2. Input your required URL in provided box and click on Go,
  3. Your browse site is opened, now use it simply with security, you can also use above box for secure browsing.

What you Got from this?

This proxy service helps you to hide your online identity from thefts and hackers, by using this proxy you can easily hide your online identity,

Is using this site Safe?

Yes, this proxy seems safe as it was made usong Glype, not present on any custom script.

Is it hide my online identity?

Yes, while you browse through this proxy go to whatismyipaddress.com and check your IP address, it will show fake IP.

Is this proxy unblock sites?

Yes, surely it will unblock your required sites for legal use.