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Kproxy Review: Free Unblock Proxy

Kproxy is famous free web proxy service that help you to bypass internet filters placed by Government, ISP or by network admin, kproxy have two version for PC, one is web based proxy and other is portable software to unblock blocked sites and to surf anonymously, here we will discuss one by one:

Online version of Kproxy.com

Online version of kproxy is simple and easiest to surf freely, On the main page of site you can find a small box where you can type URL of blocked site which will be opened by kproxy, to the left of URL box you can find a small button telling about secure and non-secure version of site (HTTPS & HTTP).
When we are surfing through online version of Kproxy there is small ad at left side of browser, as this proxy is free and owner need some money to maintain it so it's not any bad issue, here we tried several sites which are blocked by government, they worked fine but some sites load slowly. next to it we checked our IP address on Google, we found that Google is showing other IP then real one we have, so the service seems anonymous and helpful for general needs, but main problem of online version is that, we have to go to main site again and again for unblocking which is boring, so next we will see their portable software and its use.

Kproxy PC Agent

Kproxy service provide free proxy agent that can be used with Google chrome directly to unblock blocked site and to secure online connection, this agent service is fast and secure.
To use kproxy agent just go to kproxy.com and download portable version of kproxy, unzip it and then use it, it dosen't need to be installed. After you run it, it will open Chrome and then you can surf anonymously online, it only work with chrome, The good in this agent is that it doesn't require installation, its free and fast.

Kproxy Pro

Kproxy service also provide you pro version to browse without ads at high speed than that of free, the premium servers are fast and are difficult to be banned.

Kproxy have also version for mac and other platforms, if you are facing any problem then you can post problem in forum.