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Unblock easily with Turbohide Proxy server

You can easily unblock restricted sites in your area using Turbohide proxy, Turbo Hide helps thousands of people daily to visit their favorite sites by bypassing filters placed by Government or by network administrators.

About TurboHide Proxy Server

Turbohide.com is proxy website created back in 2007 and working still, providing free access to blocked sites easily through its network, using Turbohide web proxy server is easy and fast, the proxy servers are located in United states, while your browse through this proxy you are anonymous and safe, no one can track your online activity weather what you are doing online, it also helps you to aurf your favorite sites like Google, Wikipedia,..etc, you can use it for all of your legal needs.

How to use it?

1- Just open Turbohide.com or turbohide.org
2- here you will find a small input box,
3- Write URL of the site you want to anonymize or unblock,
4- Click on Go,
5- Now surf free and easily with remaining completely anonymous.

Purpose of Turbohide

  • Secure browsing from attackers.
  • Easy access to censored sites,
  • Anonymous surfing.

Whats our Rating?

Turbho Hide proxy seems good without ads, but be sure that it is not trusted proxy as it is not using SSL, many proxy steals user data, so be careful using any proxy site without SSL.

Turbohide Rating

Good for general use like watching videos on YouTube,..etc

Other Details

Hostname: turbohide.com
IP Address:
City: Matawan
Country: United States
Daily visitors: 5000
Daily pageviews: 21 365
Alexa Rank: 136173