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Best Ways For Unblocking YouTube Anywhere - Fast Proxies

As we know that youtube is blocked in Pakistan since 2012 but we need it for educational purposes there are many ways to use YouTube but they are not easy for everyone to use, so in this post I will guide you with a method to easily unblock YouTube in Pakistan without any buffering issue or any other problem.

Why is YouTube blocked?

YouTube is blocked in Pakistan due to some content that is against Islam and Muslims and Pakistanis taken protest to block YouTube all over the country, now as youtube contain millions of educational videos, people need YouTube for their educational needs, so here is the way.

How can I unblock YouTube in Pakistan?

There are several ways to unblock YouTube in Pakistan, some of them are easy while other are difficult, few easy methods for educational needs are given below:

Use Web Proxy Service

There are many free web-based proxies that are very helpful for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan, but most of them are bombard with popup ads that annoy our browsing, so here I will tell you best free YouTube proxy without annoying pop-up ads, and that proxy is unblock-YouTube.pk
 Unblock-YouTube.pk daily helps thousands of Pakistanis to access YouTube easily and simple, using Unblock0YouTube is very simple and easy just like one, two, three, so lets start, I will tell you the way to unblock it easily.


Unblocking YouTube with this proxy is very simple, fast and easy, just follow these easy steps to unblock it easily:
  1. Open Unblock-YouTube.pk
  2. Go down by browsing,
  3. Here you will find a box where you have to input your URL,
  4. Here Enter YouTube.com and click on Globe icon or press Enter,
  5. Your Blocked site is opened, now surf it freely and easily.
Hope this will surely help you to unblock YouTube easily.

Use Mirror

You can also use YouTube mirrors to watch educational videos but use them at your own risk, the best mirror is playit.pk


VPN also helps to explore YouTube easily without any buffering issue or ads, there are many free VPNs for general use, you can try following free VPN for educational needs:

Use browser extensions

These are many free browser extensions that helps you to unblock YouTube easily, Like Zenmate is good extension for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan.

Use Google DNS

you can also bypass filter by using Google DNS service, find latest google DNS address and put them in your internet setting, your DNS lookup will be through Google DNS, so DNS filter is automatically bypassed.

Hope these method surely helps you to open YouTube in Pak without any issue, if you face any issue, then tell us we will help you, remember that use these methods just for educational purposes.