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List of Highly Anonymous US proxy Server - Free Proxies 2017

Being Anonymous on web is your right but some folk try to steal your data and act against your privacy so you should use proxy service for your secret works to protect yourself from frauds and hacks, proxies protect you from hackers, attackers and data stealing peoples and ensure your privacy, there are several ways to protect your privacy and one of them is using proxies, now there are many type of proxies like web proxies, virtual private network proxies,..etc, so as for your small work you should use web proxies to protect your data from being stolen.

How proxies helps you to protect your data from Hackers?

Proxies work as middle men between you and website, data you browse through web proxies are encrypted through special algorithms to protect your privacy, as web proxies servers process million of pages each day so if owner want to get your data, he also can not obtain your data from such huge information and you remain protected, there are many benefits of using anonymous web proxies like hiding your IP address from web owner, encrypting your online data and super protection from hackers but remember that every proxy is not secure and some of them are created for purpose of trapping passwords and financial information, so always choose trusted proxies like proxy server we tell you in next para.

Finding A Good Anonymous Web Proxy Server

Finding a highly secure web proxy server is quite difficult job but we will tell you what you should check on that server for your security

1- Trust by people

Trust is most important factor of any proxy, if any proxy is trusted by millions of people then it is surely the trusted proxy server as millions of people can't be wrong.

2- Age

With trust age is another important factor as trust take time to build, so always try to check site age for high security.

3- SSL Protection

Secure socket layer increase your protection by hundred percent so try to choose proxies which use HTTPS.

4- Speed

Speed also matter for good proxy site, as proxy server is nothing without fast browsing experience.

Any Good Proxy server?

Yes, there are hundreds of best secure proxy servers to protect your privacy and out of which this is best one for securing and encrypting your online connection.

Free Proxy Server

This is highly secure American based web proxy server for securing your online connection, using it you can easily hide your IP address from attackers and can easily encrypt your data, while you browse through this server you will be anonymous and if you are on attack your visitor will think that you are using another site as they dont get know that you are browsing through web proxy, there are several other benefits of this proxy, here i will tell you that how to use it with security.

Use Anonymous proxy

  1. Just Go to Free Proxy Server
  2. Go down by browsing
  3. Enter site URL in provided box, you want to anonymize and then click on Go
  4. It will open your required site anonymously, enjoy surfing.


These are good alternatives.

Other ways for Anonymous Browsing

If you want to browse anonymously for long time you cannot choose web proxies due to ads and latency speed, so its better to try "TOR" which will try its best to make you anonymous through high-class technologies.
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