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Zend2 is free online web based proxy service of united states, which daily help hundred thousands of people to bypass internet filters with very fast speed, Zend2 proxy use high class dedicated servers based on Apache software, this proxy service enable you to surf anonymously without leaving any your finger print online, zend2 is fast and highly compatible with Facebook and YouTube it hide your online IP address and give you ability to surf freely.

Zend2.com Review

Zend2 proxy is good fast and secure, we found it helpful for hiding IP address and unblocking, zend2 don't have popup at this time we visit and using this proxy is easy and secure, SSL of this proxy ensure your security and privacy with better performance.
Speed: Fast and reliable for general use.
SSL: A good SSl proxy to ensure security.
Anonymous: Completely anonymous.
Easy: Seem very easy and helpful
Popup Ads: No
Secure: Yes
Country: United states.
Rank: 15,633
Page views monthly: 5,00,000
Users: Suriname, Pakistan, India, Cuba, Italy,..etc
Safe browsing: Yes

Features of Zend2.com Proxy

  1. Good proxy with high speed.
  2. Compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,..etc
  3. Easy and completely free.
  4. Good and anonymous.

Surf online anonymously with zend2 proxy and unblock all blocked sites easily with fast speed, Zend2 enable you to hide your IP address and bypass censorship
Zend2 is a famous united states web based proxy service that help you to unblock all blocked sites easily and bypass anti censorship, this proxy is fast and free and have ability to hide your IP address.
Zend 2 Proxy Service
Date published: 11/01/2014
9 / 10 stars