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You can easily unblock all sites through fast Zfree proxy, Zfreez is free web based proxy service that daily helps thousands of people to unblock Facebook & YouTube, Using this web proxy is easy, fast and secure, while you are browsing through this web based proxy you are anonymous and no one can track your online activity.

Unblock YouTube & Facebook with Zfreez Proxy

If sites like Facebook, YouTube are blocked in your country, school or college, just use Zfreez.com web proxy service to unblock them easily, you just need to go to Zfreez.com and have to enter blocked site URL in provided box, it will automatically redirect to web page you want to visit.

When you browse through Zfreez.com you are anonymous, no one can track your online activity, your IP address is hidden and thus no one can know from where you are browsing, this is free web proxy service for general needs.

Features by Zfreez.com

  • Fast, Free and easy web proxy for YouTube and Facebook.
  • High speed and secure web based proxy service.
  • Easily hide your online identity.