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Best Proxy sites for Unblocking YouTube

YouTube and several other important sites are blocked in Pakistan since many years and we need to unblock them for legal use, so in this post i will tell you top best unblock proxy sites that will help you to unblock blocked sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Unblock YouTube Proxy 

Unblock-YouTube.pk is specially designed for Pakistani users to give them fast access to YouTube for high quality videos watching, you can use unblock YouTube web proxy for unblocking YouTube, some of its major features are given below.
  • Fast and easily accessible.
  • One of fastest proxy site having much powerful servers then other
  • Free and easy use
  • No restrictions on bandwidth usage
  • Protect your privacy by hiding your real IP address



12345proxy.pk is one of best proxy of Pakistan which daily helps thousands of Pakistanis to unblock blocked site, it is common for YouTube unblocking but you can also unblock other legal sites through it, some of its features are given below.
  • Famous, trusted and free proxy
  • High speed unblocking
  • Help you to easily access blocked sites
  • Anonymize your online browsing

Anonymous web Proxy

If your are unblocking secret sites that you dont like to be watched by any one, then you need a secure web proxy that helps you to anonymize your connection by routing your connection with third party and by masking your real IP with fake one for that time when you are using it, so lets anonymize your connection with us web proxy.
  • Easily hide your IP address
  • Mask your connection with Fake IP
  • Hide your real location
  • Unblock blocked sites
  • Fast and easily accessible
  • Fast and secure

Free Proxy Server

Free-proxy-server.us is free secure web proxy server that will going to help you to easily unblock and blocked site, free-proxy-server.us is completely free proxy service that will prevent you from viruses and hackers attack and will also unblock youtube and oter famous blocked site.
  • US based web proxy for Unblocking
  • Unblock everything
  • High speed proxy


Hiload is yet another free web proxy server that unblock everything that you like to unblock, with hiload unblocking proxy you can easily unblock sites that are blocked in any country weather its Pakistan or India,  US or UK, so lets give it a try.
  • High speed unblocking
  • Easy, simple and free
  • Few pop ads
  • Compatible with blocked sites
These are best working proxies that in my opinion are best for unblocking, using these proxy sites you can easily unblock any site that is legal and is helpful for you, so hope you like this article, share it with your friends and colleges to get them helped.