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How to unblock Youtube using Hiload Proxy?


Hiload is a free web proxy which allows you to unblock/bypass any firewall restrictions made by your network administrator or by Government, while you browse through Hiload web proxy server you are anonymous and safe thus no one can have access to your activity. The SSL security helps you to visit secure sites with complete privacy without letting any one to about your data as all the data is encrypted and decrypted through SSL.


Access YouTube & other blocked sites, play music or do any other else with best free hiload proxy that is highly compatible with YouTube and other video sites like Vime/dailymotion, they use large number of servers to fulfill your needs of unblocking that support high speed and bandwidth consumption. Hiload is famous YouTube unblocking web proxy in Pakistan, France and in some other countries thus allowing monitor free browsing, as hiload is protected with SSL so it have good security that can not be easily blocked.

What Hiload offers?

  • The best free web proxy that can be used for variety of purposes
  • using this service you can easily unblock your favorite sites
  • It is compatible with nearly all famous sites like YouTube, Facebook
  • SSL security ensures your privacy for safe browsing
  • High speed and dedicated servers make your browsing rock
  • Good design and easy use is easy for every one
  • Using Hiload server you can easily mask your IP with fake IP address that can not be tracked by any one, which you can ensure during browsing with whatismyip.com


How to use Hiload web proxy?

Just like other proxies using hiload web proxy is very simple, you just have to follow these steps to easily navigate to restricted sites:
  1. First Go to Hiload.org
  2. On homepage you will find a small box where you have to input your URL, here input restricted url which you want to bypass
  3. Now click on GO or just press Enter key to browse
  4. Wait for few moments for servers to fetch content
  5. Now you can navigate your requested site without any security issue.

Is it play all YouTube videos?

Yes this proxy can play all videos easily and can also upload your videos to yotube through this proxy easily.

Is using Hiload proxy is safe?

Hiload proxy uses SSL which ensures you that your data is secured and secondly it is an old trusted proxy with millions of visitors every day, so it seems secured but we cant gurantee about it.

How to remove pop ads in browsing?

Ads helps proxy owner to run his site but too much ads can be boring, so if it seems that any proxy make you bore during browsing with pop ads then you can easily unblock them with Adblock plus extension of Firefox.

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Hiload YouTube Web Proxy
Hiload: Hiload is free Web proxy server that helps people to easily unblock restricted sites like YouTube and to bypass filters placed by government or by network administrator.