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How I can Unblock YouTube in my School & College? - Use These Best Proxies - Solved

YouTube is still blocked in several country where people need to unblock it for their educational and professional use but founding good anonymous proxies are difficult, so here in this post i will try to share some exiting new proxies and few existing one to help in unblocking YouTube, remember that you should use these proxies on your own risk and just for legal/educational purposes.

Its easy for anyone to unblock youtube with proxies but its difficult to keep your privacy with proxies as some proxies are created to trap passwords and important information from user browsing, also all proxies which claim to open youtube does not unblock youtube and they some have issues like buffering and uploading speed, so i have gathered those proxies here that i use and recommend my self for users to unblock with privacy, remember that SSL is trust and sicurity sign of proxy.

List of Proxy Sites


There are many version of this proxy with .org, com and many other extensions and all seems to be real one but no one can claim which is real, so i have judge all and found that most trusted and secure 12345proxy is with .pk and .info extension, the address of both famous 12345proxies are given below:


Zalmos is one of famous free France based web proxy which helps you to easily unblock YouTube videos with high quality streaming, zalmos is offering ad free unlimited browsing without restrictions or limitations, it was estimated that daily more then one million people uses zalmos for security and privacy need as it was easiest and simplest proxy, you can visit zalmos by following link:


4everproxy is another free web based proxy service very wide range of proxy service, you can enjoy forever proxy for free but it have ad suported browsing which may annony you during browsing but purpose of showing it here is that it is also one of famous web proxy use in US, Canada, Australia, China, India & Pakistan.


Hiload is another free web proxy service that is popular world wide for being its smartness, it is very simple and fast web proxy but it also have some pop ads in browsing, which may annoy you, perhaps using this proxy service is good experience and is quite easy for newbies, they also provide extension for chrome to help users to bypass censorship.
you can visit hiload by following links:



Blewpass is another good way for bypassing filters, it is also part of 4everproxy service but have diffrent service then 4everproxy, using blewpass is also easy and have more control on browsing then any other one, while you browse through blewpass you are completely secure with SSL and encryption to protect your privacy.

Hope these proxies will help you to unblock YouTube and other legal site you want to unblock with security, if there exist any problem then share with me here, i will try to help you, remember that you should only use this infor for legal use like YouTube for educational purposes.