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Best & Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube on Your PC/Laptop or Mobiles in Seconds

As in Pakistan and many other countries, YouTube & many other sites are  blocked by Governments and internet service providers so here in this article I am going to share some easy methods for easy unblocking of YouTube.

Methods For Unblocking YouTube Videos

Use Proxy Servers

Using Proxy servers for unblocking blocked site is very easy and simple like if you are unblocking YouTube, you can use online proxy servers that can easily unblock youtube with fast speed and they are mostly free, some free proxies for unblocking YouTube are given below:

Use Free VPN

There are several VPN provider which can easily unblock YouTube, but most of them are ad supported, some free VPN are given below:

Use Extensions

There are several extensions that can help you to easily unblock YouTube while remaining in your browser, just you have to install these extensions in your browser and have to activate them. Some free famous extensions are given below, you can google them to get their download link.

Use IP Port Proxies

IP Port proxies can easily unblock YouTube without ads are mostly free, some fast speed working proxies are given below, that you can insert in your browser and it will automatically unblock YouTube.
  • HTTP    High  +KA     81     China
  • HTTP    High +KA      80   China
  • HTTP    High +KA   8118     flag China
  • HTTP    High +KA    8000     flag India
  • HTTPS  High +KA    86     flag China
  • HTTP    High +KA     8081     flag Korea
  • HTTPS  High +KA     81  China
  • HTTP    High +KA   7808      USA

Use Tor

Tor is an online Anonymous browsing project which provide Tor Software that can be used to remain anonymous and you can easily unblock YouTube with it, you can download from its official site Tor.org.

Browse YouTube on Mobile

If these methods are difficult for you then you can simply unblock YouTube on mobile without any configuration as most of mobile use pre sets IP servers which provide restriction-free browsing, if YouTube is also blocked on mobile then you can download Hotspot shield for mobile.