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Unblock YouTube in Pakistan with 12345Proxy

As YouTube and many other legal sites are blocked in Pakistan but we need them for educational purposes, so here is another free web proxy that i have found which will help you to easily unblock YouTube and other legal blocked site in your area

Unblock with 12345proxy.pk

12345proxy is free glype based web proxy service that will help you to easily unblock YouTube, Facebook and other legal blocked sites, 12345proxy is web proxy service which hide your online identity and mask your real IP with fake one, so no one can track that what you are using, all sites you browse through 12345proxy is encrypted and decrypted for security reason to provide you fast access with complete privacy protection.

How to use 12345proxy?

Using 12345proxy is very simple same like other proxies:
  1. First open 12345proxy.pk
  2. then go down and enter URL of your required site and click on Okay,
  3. It will automatically unblock your requsted site.

Advantages of using this proxy?

  • Fast US based web proxy for Pakistanis to unblock YouTube
  • Help you to explore your favorite site in seconds
  • Hide your online identity secret