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As we know YouTube is blocked in many countries from several year, in some countries it is blocked occasionally while in some countries it is permanently blocked like in Pakistan, in blocked countries people try to use web proxy or VPN but both have their advantages and problem, like VPN is not free and web proxies are full of ads, so now here in this post I will tell you about use of zenmate, zenmate is famous addon extension for chrome and Firefox which after installing in browser start works like simple browsing. zen mate is completely free and is available for Firefox and chrome both, you can install it easily, as further discussed in next section.
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How Zenmate works?

Zenmate is an extension that simply work like web proxy or VPN in same way by just fetching requested content to their server and then sending it back to you, when you enter URL it first fetch content then send back to you and in this way you are browsing, remember that you are not opening site from your Geolocation as content fetching server location become your location and you may see difference in some website which show content geographically like Google, YouTube, yahoo,..etc

What is the advantage of using Zenmate?

Zenmate is full of advantages, some of highlighted advantages are given below:
  1. Unblock legal restricted sites like YouTube, Facebook & Google
  2. Hide your IP address from web owners and show them fake address.
  3. Your real IP was masked by fake IP so no one know about your browsing
  4. you are secure while you use zenmate as encrypt your data
  5. you can watch content restricted for specific locations zenmate give option for many available locations
  6. Zenmate also have protection from viruses and malware for your better security
  7. While you browse through this extension you privacy will be safe

How to use Zenmate?

You can use zenmate after downloading and installing, it is available for chrome and Firefox and there is separate method for both of them, just follow me below i will tell you both method for installing.

Installing Zenmate in chrome

Follow the procedure given below after opening Google chrome in your window:
  1. Find Zenmate proxy for chrome in Google web store,
  2. Zenmate Download: Click on "Add free" and it will be added to your browser,
  3. Now it will ask for account, make new account simply by providing email and password,
  4. After this an icon of mate will appear in chrome, through this button you can turn it on or off, enjoy zenmate and unblock legal blocked sites.

Installing Zenmate in Firefox

Installing Zenmate in firefox is very simple and easy, just open Firefox, go to Mozilla.org and search for extension in their directory, you will get zenmate, now click add to Firefox it will be added to firefox after that restart your browser and enjoy unblocking blocked site for free.

Where I can use Zenmate?

You can use zenmate worldwide, it is globally available you can download it from its official site or from browser store easily, it is best for unblocking blocked sites in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bahrain, France, United states, United kingdom and other countries, as it is easily available there for free use.
Offical site: Zenmate.com


Zenmate is a helpful free extension for unblocking blocked site like Facebook & YouTube, you can use it to open site in school, college or at university as it was not blocked by anyone, free and is available for every one, so lets give it a try and remember that just use this for freedom not for any nonlegal work and we are not responsible for anything, so just unblock legal sites and share this with your friends.