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Free Saudia & UAE Proxy Server List - Unblock Any Site Fastly

Many legal sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia & UAE and people need to unblock them for their needs like YouTube, Facebook and skype, as many sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia people use hotspot shield to unblock them but there is problem with hotspot shield that it is rich of ads, so here I am sharing so wonderful proxy sites through which you can open all blocked sites in UAE and Arabia.

Unblock Proxy Sites

These are best unblock proxy sites for unblocking blocked sites in Saudi Arabia, just use these free sites to unblock youtube, facebook and VOIPs.
  1. 12345proxy.pk
  2. Proxysite.com
  3. unblock-free-proxy.com
  4. free-proxy-server.us
  5. hiload.org
  6. zacebook.com
  7. zalmos.com
  8. pakproxy.com
  9. hotspotshield.com
There are best proxy server that can open blocked site for free easily, just open them and enter blocked site URL in provided box and click on Go, it will automatically unblock blocked sites.

Many sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, UAE,..etc, but they are blocked for legal purposes according to Saudi Laws, so always obey your country law and only use these proxies for legal purpose, these are otherwise better then VPN like hotspot shield.