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Best Proxy Method For Zalmos Hiload Proxy

Now accessing blocked sites is not any more difficult with Hiload proxy just give blocked site URL to proxy and it will helps you to unblock all legal blocked sites whether they are blocked by Government, ISP or by School Network, we all freedom is our right but still many governments ban YouTube and other important sites just because of office politics and people suffer through big loss, but now there is no big problem of unblocking as you could use web proxies like hiload or VPN to unblock restricted sites freely, in next paragraph i am going to give you complete details.

Unblocking Websites

Unblocking legal sites is our right so we are here to defend it, if youTube or Facebook is blocked at your end and you are scared about it then there is no problem now because you are now on right place, further i will tell you few good methods of unblocking.

Use Web Proxies

Web proxies are thought to be biggest ways for unblocking, there are hundred thousands of free proxy but proxy which i found helpful is Hiload, so i am giving trick through which you can unblock all blocked sites with hiload proxy.

Hiload YouTube Proxy

Just follow this procedure to unblock sites with high loading proxy:
  1. Go to Hiload Proxy,
  2. Go down and find URL box placed for unblocking purpose,
  3. Click on it and enter blocked site URL there,
  4. Click on Globe icon,
  5. Enjoy your favorite site
In this way you can unblock all legal blocked sites for free easily.

Use Software

There are many free software's through which you can unblock blocked sites like Tor, just download and use TOR for free, TOR is fast free and have no restriction on downloading, through TOR you can unblock YouTube and can download all movies from internet.