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Anonymous Proxy List - Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

Finding free online & anonymous proxy server is not easy these days, there are hundreds of proxies which AIM to provide best anonymous experience but they not do so.

Most of these servers copy your browsing data including your passwords and other personal information like credit cards info,..etc, so be alert about these proxies and never waste your time and money on fake anonymous proxies, here in this post i will share some amazing brand new proxies which is used by security workers to keep them hidden, these free proxy servers are easy and simple to use.

Free Proxy Servers & Anonymous Proxies

These are the best free anonymous web proxy server that are safe and easy to use, when using any proxy server you should notice that this proxy must be safe and no one can steal its data and always read users reviews that either that proxy is safe or not.
  1. Hiload Proxy
  2. Anonymous proxy
  3. Zalmos proxy
  4. Unblock YouTube
  5. Unblock Proxy
  6. YouTube Proxy
  7. Free Web Proxy
  8. Free Proxy Server
  9. 12345Proxy
  10. HumProxy
  11. 4everproxy
  12. Video Proxy
  13. Kproxy
  14. Hiload
  15. Zalmos
  16. Zacebook
  17. Aunblock
  18. Unblock Free Proxy
These are the best and safest proxy used by millions of people, you can use them freely without any fear, they are safe and simple to use, just you have to enter url in box and click on Go, that will unblock your respective site.

How to Judge Safe Anonymous Proxy?

You can easily judge safe proxy by checking the following things.

SSL Protection: Always check weather Proxy is SSL protected or not, SSL stands for secure socket layer which mean that website have any extra security layer that can not be easily cracked or hacked, most of the trusted proxies have SSL encryption.

Proxy Age: Go to google and search for that proxy, of you see thousands of results with people talking about that proxy, then its means, that is old and trusted proxy.

Other Method to Surf Anonymously

If you want to completely be anonymous then the following methods can help you.

Use Tor

Tor is Famous browser used by millions to surf anonymously, it relay on node and anti nodes to transfer its encrypted data, this browser is mostly used by security workers to remain their identity hidden and safe but Tor is also known as name of cyber crime because hackers also uses it.


There are thousands of VPN that can help you to unblock blocked site easily, some are free and some are paid but both of them anonymize your connection and also hides your IP address with their own servers, you can find good VPn on Internet, some of good VPN are given below:
  • HotSpot Shield Elite
  • Cyber Ghost
  • Pure VPN
These are mostly used free VPN that can help you to surf freely with their free online proxy servers.

Hope this information would be helpful to surf the web anonymously with free proxy server, if you like it share with your friends and enjoy.