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Cyberghost Premium Full Free Download - CyberGhost Review

As internet is becoming less private each day as many organization tracks IP address and are tracking user's data. Cyber Ghost VPN is a Virtual Private Network software made by Germans is one of the world's most trusted and used VPN. Cyber Ghost is a fast and efficient way to protect your online privacy, surf anonymously and access blocked or censored content that is blocked in your area or country. It offers top class  security and anonymity without slowing down your internet connection.

What does Cyber Ghost VPN do?

Cyber Ghost VPN hides you IP address and replace with any of other IP address which makes you to surf anonymously on the internet without any tension. Cyber Ghost VPN is also used to unblock sites that are blocked by you ISP or government in your area or country.

Cyber Ghost VPN is available free for Windows and Mac OS for free and also two other packages Premium and Premium plus which are available if you purchase them.There are some limits for the free accounts, like waiting in a queue to access the VPN or forced disconnection after 6 hours. Yearly subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, while monthly subscribers have 14 days to change their minds and get a full refund.

Download Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost VPN is very easy to install and protects you from every kind of hackers like: email hackers, cyber scams and phishing attacks etc. It also has SSL encryption.
To use Cyber Ghost VPN easily follow my given procedure:
  1. First of all download VPN from official VPN site
  2. Then Install it simple as you install other software's
  3. After Installation open cyber Ghost from desktop icon
  4. Then click on Start button, it will launch cyber Ghost to work
  5. If you have free version then it may shows ad for few second so don't be afraid
  6. After some time it will connect you to your selected location with selected IP address
  7. Now enjoy free browsing with Cyber Ghost and make yourself Ghost online.

Need Crack for Premium Version?

Actually there is no way to get Cyberghost or any other VPN for free, they use secure systems to block access of non paid customers so dont try to download cracks as most of them have virus and malwares.

Available Platforms

Cyber Ghost VPN is available for Android/Apple Mobile and also for your Mac.

Some features of Cyber Ghost VPN are:

  • High speed one-click connection.
  • Free users can choose their server.
  • Easy and simple use.
  • Fast and easy installation. No account needed.
  • No or very few ads in free version.
  • High Speed Downloading and uploading
  • Websites or social media plugins can't track you.
  • Plenty of high-speed servers, even on free.
  • Plenty of choice for country, IP address and protocol.
  • With a Premium upgrade, it’s still one of the cheapest VPN's out there.
  • Good looking and easy-to-use clients for all major platforms.
  • Strong encryption and good fail safes.
  • Free and very easy to use on every platform.

Servers and IPs

There are hundred of servers in 31 different countries with more then 500 IPs available for each user, but remember that most of feature of this VPN are only for paid members, but if you want to try you can check it freely.
Hope this article will help you to download, install and use Cyber Ghost VPn, use this VPN free easily but remember that Governments and big Agencies can track you easily so always take care of your browsing and don't use VPN for illegal purposes.