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List of Best Free Proxy Sites to use in 2016 & 2017 - Free Proxy Servers

Every day we come across the sites that are banned by Government, internet service providers and by school administrators, we want them to use at any cost so we need proxies, most of famous proxies are also blocked by these networks but still some new and awesome proxies can work to unblock these sites, so here we will share some amazing proxy sites using which you can unblock any site you want, it's very fast and simple to unblock any site using these free proxy servers.

Top Proxy Sites

These are the proxies trusted by millions all over the world, you can use them freely without paying a single penny, but you should remember that many authorities have a live eye on you, open illegal site may be dangerous for you.

List of those Proxy Sites

So here you go with world best proxy sites that will help you to bypass all restrictions seamlessly.
  1. Free Proxy Server: http://free-proxy-server.us
  2. Zalmos: http://zalmos.com
  3. Unblock YouTube: http://unblockyoutube.co.uk
  4. YouTube Proxy: https://unblock-youtube.pk
  5. Zalmos web proxy: https://zalmos.12345proxy.pk
  6. Hiload: https://hiload.com.pk
  7. Hide My Ass: https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
  8. 4everproxy: http://4everproxy.com.pk
  9. Zacebook: http://zacebook.com
  10. Proxify:  http://proxify.com/p/
  11. Ninja Clock: http://ninjacloak.com/
  12. Hiload Proxy: https://hiload.org
  13. BlewPass: http://blewpass.com
  14. USA Fast Proxy: http://fastusaproxy.com
  15. Anonymous Web Proxy: http://anonymouswebproxy.co.uk
  16. Just Proxy: http://justproxy.co.uk
  17. German Proxy: http://german-proxy.info
  18. PakProxy: http://PakProxy.com
  19. Working unblock proxy – http://workingproxy.net
  20. Fourteen Proxy – http://proxy2014.net
  21. Proxy Browser: http://proxybrowse.info
  22. Internet Proxy server: http://proxy-internet.info
  23. Facebook Proxies: http://fbproxies.info
  24. HumProxy: http://humproxy.com
  25. America Proxy Server: http://americaproxy.info
  26. Proxy Suede: http://suedeproxy.info
  27. Korean Proxy service: http://krproxy.info
  28. Brazil Proxy server – http://brazilproxy.info
  29. Anonymouse: http://anonymouse.org
  30. Proxy 12345: https://proxy12345.12345proxy.pk
  31. Video Proxy: http://video-proxy.pk
  32. video proxy:  https://video-proxy.co
  33. 4ever network: http://4everproxy.com
  34. WebProxy: http://webproxy.pk
  35. Hide IP Proxy: https://hideipproxy.com
  36. Host App: http://hostapp.eu
  37. Proxy Pirate: https://www.proxypirate.co.uk
  38. Pun Proxy: https://www.funproxy.net
  39. XiteNow: Xitenow.com
These are the word top proxies used by millions to unblock blocked sites and to secure their online privacy, you can use them without any risk, all of these are trustworthy, using these proxies are simple and easy, just you have to enter blocked site URL in proxy and it will unblock everything.