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Easy Ways To Access YouTube in blocked countries & Offices - Easy Methods

YouTube is most famous video sharing site with millions of videos uploaded by users, there are hundred thousands of educational and informational videos which every student need for their education but due to some Government policies YouTube is blocked in many countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, China, etc, due to this censorship many student face problem and they found no way to get these videos, so here I will tell you top free methods to easily unblock YouTube without any effort.

Ways to unblock YouTube easily

There are generally hundreds of methods to bypass these restrictions, but here I will only share easy methods.

Unblock YouTube using web based proxies

There are thousands of web based proxies which will help you to bypass restrictions on YouTube, use any of them and unblock YouTube easily, just search "YouTube Proxies" in your favorite search engine and you will get top proxies for free, open any of them and follow below procedure:
  1. Just enter YouTube.com in provided form and click on Go
  2. Wait for few seconds and YouTube will be in front of you
  3. Watch videos freely without any restrictions, 

some of best free proxies are given below:

  • Unblock-YouTube.org
  • Free-Proxy-Server.us
  • Video Proxy

Use VPN to Unblock YouTube

VPN are proxy software's which help you to bypass all restrictions placed by Government easily without going to proxy site again and again, just you have to install VPN and turn it on, and it will automatically do all other tasks.

VPN generally needs to be paid, but many VPN are free as well, some of good free Vpn are given below.

Hotspot shield: have both free and paid version, the free version is ad supported and limited while paid version have everything.

Spot Flux: is free VPN without Ads, you can download and use it for free, but your ISP may also blocked it.

CyberGhost: is one of best VPN to use, it also have both paid and free version, it's generally easy to use, that's why people prefer to use it.

HMA Pro: is world top paid VPN without any restrictions, but it need to be paid on monthly basis.
You can use any of these VPN, depending upon you whether you need paid version or free, just download them and turn it on, they will start working automatically and you have to just browse normally.

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VPN Extensions

There are few browsers extensions that can be directly installed in the browser and they will start working on just a few clicks, these browser extensions work same like VPN.
Zenmate is one of the famous extensions for Chrome and Firefox both, that can be used easily just with one click, install zenmate from chrome store or from firefox store and start studying now on YouTube.

There are many other methods for unblocking like using socks and HTML 5 proxies, but they need to be paid, above mentioned methods are easiest ones, just use them and unblock any video site like YouTube, Metacafe and Dailymotion, if you still have any problem, don't hesitate to ask.